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Characteristics That Serve as the Driving Force of Ride-Hailing

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Being one of the biggest business sectors, the growth of the transportation industry is unstoppable. As the changing trends have brought the era of mobile applications, this sector is governed by taxi-hailing applications. Therefore, the entrepreneurs have started considering this sector for launching their business. These applications are a one-stop solution to all the problems of users related to transportation.

The taxi-hailing applications basically serve a single purpose: Easing up the booking procedure of taxi. In previous times, users had to wave their hand or whistle to get a taxi and then had to argue to decide right fare. But with the introduction of these applications, the scenario has changed. With an effective pricing policy of these applications, users are now able to book a taxi easily at affordable rates. Wondering what is so special about this pricing policy?

Pricing Policy

Well, they have made a smart move by introducing the concept of taking charge per kilometer traveled. These applications have pre-decided a fixed amount per kilometer traveled by the user. Therefore, when users book a ride, they enter their pick up and drop location in the application using which the application counts the estimated kilometers to be traveled and adding the service charges they take, they display the estimated fare to users before the ride. Thus, the user can view the estimated price to be taken in advance and can decide to book a ride or not.

Offering Affordability

As their pricing policy is transparent enough for users to determine the charges per kilometer, what they keep in mind while deciding charges is to make their rides affordable. Therefore, by offering discounts to their users frequently they make sure that they increase the number of potential users successfully.

Offering One-Stop Solution

The primary goal fulfilled with this application is: User is able to book a ride from any location. Therefore, being a smart solution for ride-hailing, these applications are providing their users with a simple and affordable solution for transportation.

GPS Tracking

Characteristics That Serve as the Driving Force of Ride-Hailing 1

To provide safety and security features to their users, these applications have rewarded their users with a live tracking feature. Using which they can track their ongoing ride anytime. Also, they can share their ride details along with the current location to their trusted contacts.

Flexibility for Payment

Characteristics That Serve as the Driving Force of Ride-Hailing 2

These applications entertain their users with multiple payment options. They offer their users to choose from the options like payment by card, cash payment or they can pay through an integrated wallet system offered with the application. This smoothens the payment procedure.

Ride Scheduling

To facilitate their customers, these applications also provide the feature of pre-booking a ride. Yes, using these applications one can book their ride in advance easily and the taxi will reach to them on their scheduled time and place. Along with the flexibility of choosing the type of car, they also provide them with convenience.

Different Modules for Customers and Drivers

To serve drivers and customers simultaneously, these applications have applied a modular approach and have created different applications for customers and drivers. Therefore, the features and functionalities of these applications differ from each other. However, certain features remain the same for both. For example, user login. Both of these applications have a compulsory feature of user login to maintain the records of users.

Ability to Check Real-Time Data

These applications also contain a different module for admin, the admin panel. Using which the owners can track and control each and every aspect of the application. With efficient features of tracking and reviewing the driver details and ride details, the admin can keep track of the drivers’ efficiency and also can reward them for their good performance via promo codes.

Creating Promo Codes

The admin is the controller of the application. Therefore, to avail discounts and offers for their customers, they can create promo codes and coupon codes using the admin panel and share with them. Using these codes, users are able to get discounts on their fare and drivers are provided with some extra benefits.

To run a successful taxi business of your own, it is advisable that you keep yourself updated with the latest trend and also facilitate your customers and drivers both with benefits at times to convert them into your regular users. As the drivers are the driving force of your application, they must be kept satisfied to ensure that your driving force keeps on increasing. Owning a huge number of drivers at your side who are eager to serve your customers helps in providing faster and efficient services to riders. Therefore, the application must be efficient enough to support all these requirements. Developing an application is time consuming and expensive task. To launch your business in no time and in a cost-effective way, you can opt for any on-demand applications available in the market. These applications like uber clone app, contain all the necessary features and have been developed from scratch. These applications can be customized as per users’ choice and multiple features can be added. Therefore, to promptly start your business you must opt for such an application.

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