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Earn money with Instagram – how does it work?

How does making money with Instagram work?

You can make money on Instagram in different ways, but mostly with advertising. Here we differentiate between direct and indirect income. Indirect earnings include, for example, the free products that companies send you so that you can then report about it in an Instagram story. In this way, you have a financial advantage because you don’t have to buy the products yourself.

Depending on the subject area you choose for your account, you can also get free tickets for concerts, theatre performances, and the like. You often even get VIP tickets so that you can also take a look behind the scenes of such an event. All this, of course, makes your Instagram profile exciting for any followers interested in your topic.

However, direct revenue is even more critical. There are significantly more ways for you to make money with Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at the best sources of income.

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Earn money with Instagram – direct earnings

 First, a brief overview:

  • paid contributions
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising your products
  • Merchandising
  • paid shoutouts
  • Photo sales

Paid contributions

Numerous services pay you money per post. It totally depends on how many followers you have. Take a look at the offers from Sharepop or Ranksider at. For example, in the United States, it is common practice to pay for posts. An Instagramer who has 5,000 followers, for example, gets $ 10 per a post here. You can calculate for yourself what is in there for you.


With great success, sponsoring usually arises automatically. Here, companies pay a certain sum – which can also be monthly – so that you can present, test, or generally report on the company. Sponsoring is, therefore, a very stable source of income, for which you need to have an excellent reach.

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Advertising your own products

This is often the beginning of a pretty good salary. Whether e-books, dream catchers or even services – if you advertise your own business via Instagram, you can increase the number of your new customers enormously. Cleverly brought up; this is a guarantee for success.


This option is also more likely if you already have a substantial fan base that would buy merchandise products from you. Remember, if you are just starting because this is a very lucrative source of income.

Paid shoutouts

If you already have a slightly broader reach, you can sell shoutouts to other Instagrammers. Shoutouts are the linking of other Instagram accounts so that they get new followers. This is particularly worthwhile if similar topics are served.

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Photo sales

As a photographer, you can get a good income from your photos. Instagram accounts with images are popular, mostly have numerous followers, and Get Instagram likes UK and, of course, also arouse the interest of companies or agencies that are looking for good photos. Maybe you are also a travel blogger and often post fascinating landscape or animal pictures? Use your talent and sell your photos!

How many followers are required to make money with Instagram?

This is very individual and strongly comes on the subject. 5,000 followers and more are exceedingly helpful, and one wants to earn money. Look, in addition, nevertheless, sometimes our offer. Thus you make this number quick and can earn with the money with Instagram begin.

How many Likes have to go on the Postings as an Influencer?

There is an enterprise that pays after several Likes. Indeed, this might not be so decisive in the future anymore, because it stands currently still in the space whether Instagram Likes should be still used generally. Till then is valid: From 500 Likes per post, you perceptibly get more money.

Who pays the Instagram Influencer?

Depending on which source of income-you decide your customers or just enterprises or agencies pay for you. The beauty in the money earn with Instagram is, that you several sources of income infer with each other, and thus your profit substantially can increase.

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What is the difference between Influencer and Micro-Influencer?

Influencer and Micro-Influencer differ not basically. Micro-Influencer is all those which have from 1,000 to a maximum of 999.999 followers. Therefore, Macro-Influencer has more than 1,000.0000 followers. One can say that Influencer has up to 999 followers and rather low chances to earn perfect money with Instagram.

How much can one earn money with Instagram?

The most important question, in the end, must be answered with a rather dissatisfactory statement because the chances to earn money with Instagram depending on numerous factors like the subject, profile, quality, follower, Likes, and possible combinations. Therefore, it reaches the span of the possible salaries of a small extra income up to several thousand euros. The more professionally you build up your Instagram business, the higher also your salary chance. Logically, or?


Instagram is a social network with which you have realistic chances to earn money with Instagram. For a start, it is maybe worthwhile, on followersheaven some Instagram follower Buy Instagram Likes UK  shop. Then it also works fast with sponsorship & Co.

We wish you a lot of success!, and continually earn money with Instagram.


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