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Gojek app becomes a one-stop solution for all the modern-day user’s needs from food delivery to transportation and logistics to cashless payments. By offering a range of different services on a single tap, the Gojek app has grown out to become one of the most user and investor-friendly apps.

Gojek stands at the estimated valuation of $11 billion which is the only southeast company that was included in fortune’s 50 Companies. Gojek claims 108 million app downloads.

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Gojek Clone App

Gojek clone App will enable you to launch your On-Demand multi-service application instantly. It Offers you customizability, scalability and also reduces your development costs. Launch your amazing on-demand multi-service application With our Gojek clone.

What is Gojek Clone App Development?

Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading On-Demand Multi-Service and digital payment technology platform. Gojek was first established in Indonesia in 2010 which started as a call centre to connect consumers to courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services. Then in 2015, Gojek launched its application starting with three services such as GoRide, GoSend, and GoMart.

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But today, It has transformed into a Super App, providing more than 18+ services.

The venture’s on-demand services include 

  1. Go-Ride (online taxi service )
  2. Go-Car (ride-hailing service to cars)
  3. Go-Send (On-Demand courier service)
  4. Go-Food (On-Demand food delivery)
  5. Go-Clean (house cleaning Service)
  6. Go-Glam (On-Demand Grooming Service)
  7. Go-Pay (cashless payment transactions)
  8. Go-Blue Bird ( On-Demand metered taxi service.)
  9. Go-Mart ( On-Demand Grocery Delivery)
  10. Go-Box ( moving large items using pickup trucks Service)
  11. Go-Tix ( entertainment ticket selling service.)
  12. Go-Med ( On-Demand Medicine Delivery Service)
  13. Go-Massage ( On-Demand Massage Service)
  14. Go-Auto ( On-Demand auto care)
  15. Go-Pulsa ( Mobile phone credit top-up service paid by Go-Pay)
  16. Go-Bills ( Bill Payment Service)
  17. Go-Points ( loyalty program from Gojek. Users get a token for every transaction and can redeem with rewards.)
  18. Go-Pertamina – an on-demand fuel-delivery service
  19. Go-Play Go- Studio( Video Streaming Provider)

Start your own On-Demand Multi-Service Appl like Gojek

Employcoder – Leading Gojek App Development Company has years of experience in building various on-demand service mobile applications solutions for peoples all over the world. We had taken many business services to the next level with our On-Demand Mobile App Development team. We provide you with a top-notch Gojek Clone App to start your own on Demand Multi-Service Application.

Why Our Gojek Clone App?

Apart from the 20 On-Demand Services provided by the Gojek, In our Gojek Clone App, we allow you to add as many services as per your preference starting from plumber to the packers and movers, baby sitters, Electrician, guides, etc., which allows users to enjoy complete accessibility of their needs.

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Features of our Gojek Clone App

  1. Social Media Integration: Users can log in through social media platforms which makes the login process easier.
  2. Multi-Language Support: App will support multiple languages that allow covering a large audience.
  3. Live Vehicle Tracking: Allows users to live track of the service providers and aware of the location
  4. Schedule Bookings: If a user needs to commute daily then they can schedule their bookings here.
  5. In-App Push notifications: Send users and Service Providers messages and keep updated through push notifications.
  6. Payment Gateway Integration: App will support multiple payment methods allowing users more transaction options.

Now it’s your time to enter the on-demand industry and create an On-Demand App like Gojek that provides true value to your audience with the Employcoder development team.


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