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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 101?

QuickBooks is accounting software which is used for managing accounts in various firms. Business people who are using QuickBooks products are facing many errors in this QuickBooks Product. Now we are giving you knowledge about one of the main error in QuickBooks that Businessmen are facing this kind of error “QuickBooks Error 101”.

The Bank Data synchronize automatically into QuickBooks after a setup from your Account Which is done by Paypal QuickBooks Integration. QuickBooks Error 101 occurs when there is a misconfiguration in bank details. It shows Error 101.

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What do you mean by QuickBooks Error 101?

The bank details will be valid for synchronizing the data so that it can access your bank details and can sync with your bank server.

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If you get the message “QuickBooks is trying to fix your connection with your bank, try again later.” then it will show you, there is Error 101.

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Reasons behind Error 101:

  • Lots of programs run at the same time
  • The problem in the bank server
  • Antivirus blocked the servers to communicate with QuickBooks
  • Internet setting configurations
  • Never update your system

When you are facing this problem, You have to wait for fixing it automatically. Then close all the program which is run on your PC at the same time, Restart it and then open it again.

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If it is not resolved automatically, We will describe to you how to fix QuickBooks Error 101.

If You are facing QuickBooks Error 101 while connecting your bank server and transaction, you should check your internet connection. If it is Ok then follow these instructions:

  • You need to login to your bank’s website.
  • If your Bank account is inactive, then check your balance and last 12 months transaction from your Account.
  • Check your message on your bank website; there is any message about verifying your Account or confirmation about terms & conditions.
  • Need to refresh Account in QuickBooks product.

QB Runtime Error: Fixing the error 101

If you are facing QuickBooks Error 101 then you don’t need to worry about it, follow these steps:

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Step 1: Check your internet connection

  • First, you have to check your internet connection, your internet or web browser is working correctly or not.
  • After that check your bank details like a transaction.

Step 2: Wait for a response from QuickBooks

  • Wait for some time, QuickBooks takes time when you reset your internet connection for your update transaction.
  • To update, click on banking in QuickBooks
  • Try again to connect with the bank server.

Step 3: Deactivate the Record

  • Select Account in QuickBooks.
  • Click on Records and unchecks snaps
  • Select the record where this error exists.
  • Click on Deactivated download.
  • You need to save it.
  • Recheck your files, and these are affected or not.
  • Then close QuickBooks.

Step 4: Reset QB Password: Lots of people save the simple password, but it is not for your security purpose, You should always use a special character in your passwords.

  • Open the finder
  • Then select Application
  • Then select Keychain access
  • Set category and login to the password
  • Then delete the entries related to QuickBooks
  • Close the keychain and again open QB software.

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Step 5: Refresh your bank account online

  • For upgrading your Account, need to open Account.
  • Select new and Account type.
  • Enter bank name and follow the instructions.
  • Then go to Action, select Account found a window
  • Fill the correct records
  • Click on continue and Finish snaps.
  • Repeat it for each bank details updation.

Step 6: Create a new folder of company file: After the restart your computer, You need to make a new folder to solve error 101:

  • In the new folder, Transfer all the data to the original file folder.
  • Click on Start then All Program then Qb Accounting Software
  • Search QB database search manager.
  • Then verify it in a folder.
  • Then scan it, after examining you should Restart the PC.
  • After the restart, you should open the file again.

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Step 7: Use QuickBooks File Doctor: This Tool helps resolve the error automatically.

  • Install the QB Tool Hub.
  • Select the Company File Issue tab and then select QB File Doctor.
  • Then select the company’s file.
  • Click on continue to resolve automatically.
  • If the error will not solve, Use network error tab and run the tool.
  • Your issue will decide after following these steps.
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