List of Tourist Attractions of Las Vegas, CA

From the state of California, Los Angeles is the largest city and second in the US. It extends about 1,215 km² and resides 3.8 million individuals, where 12.9 million are from other nations throughout the world.

1905, when Las Vegas established but officially developed into a city in 1911. Las Vegas ranked as the most populous town in the United States. Globally it is a well known chief resort city with enough entertainment businesses. It is the entertainment hub of the world and has large casino hotels, thus honoured by the film industry. This town has numerous service industries, gaming and telecommunications businesses and construction sectors. Visit Delta Airlines Booking for cheap flight fares & get vacation packages to Las Vegas.

Newport Landing Whale Watching

Tens of thousands of several types of whales and dolphins are generally viewed from Newport Beach. Apart from large pods of dolphins and giant whales, other marine creatures such as seals, pelicans, sharks and killer whales are also found.

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Hollywood Entertainment District

It is a business development district by extending 18 blocks on both sides of this Hollywood avenue. This district includes most of the places like Walk of Fame, Mann’s Chinese Theatre and the most prominent junction of Vine and Hollywood.

Kodak Theatre

Kodak Theatre is an entertainment complex opened in November 2001. This complex is the crown jewel of Hollywood. It has introduced several artists and various proceedings such as the Academy Awards Ceremony.

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Hollywood Wax Museum

It’s an outstanding and marvellous attraction which brings back the particular instants in films, sports, history and even tv buddies—all ages like these screens.

Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium is the most significant and most diverse water body of the earth. It’s heaps of displays ranging with distinct species above the habitants of 12,000 ocean.

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Long Beach Museum of Art

The Long Beach Museum compound involves the residence of Elizabeth Milbank Anderson, the noodle house constructed in 1912 and Oceanfront gardens. Currently, the Museum includes a spectacular area with the double ground for displays.

Griffith Observatory

It is the seventh most visited tourist spot in Southern California. Every year about two million people visit here. Griffith Observatory is located on the southern side of the Mount Hollywood slopes. A fantastic view of Los Angeles basin can be seen from this location.

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Museum of Neon Art (MONA)

It is a service-oriented Museum, which shows papers, preserves and fabulous illustration through neon signs. An educational and cultural organization provides the service.

Shop at Beverly Hills

Los Angeles is the best place for those who love shopping. Los is famed for its high-class shopping boutiques that are fashionable. It is possible to view labels across the shopping streets. For more affordable purchasing, it’s best to choose Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Miu Miu, Oscar de la Renta, Paul Smith, and many others.

Stroll along Venice Beach

The route parallel to California Beach is the world-famous Muscle Beach, tennis and volleyball courts, a bike trail and a lengthy sequence of exceptional buildings. Venice Beach is a resort. Palm-tree covered the route which led to Santa Monica and surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops.

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Watch the stars on Hollywood Boulevard.

It’s situated in North Los Angeles, in which the sidewalk presents live plays to honour the stars of Hollywood. A lot of other attractions also cover it like Theatres and Museums bounded by shops and restaurants.

Las Vegas Art Museum

In the beginning, it had been started with a small group of members as the Las Vegas Art League and developed to present the Las Vegas Art Museum. It covers about 8,000 Sq.ft of those Lorenzi Park. It is dedicated to exhibiting striking shows that are fashionable and its best display.

Nevada State Museum

The exhibits are marvellous and display lifestyle from the ice age to the day, from crazy life that is historical into the experience through testing.


It’s a specially designed light Boeing 727 which creates weightlessness for the passengers. It starts in the Signature Air Terminal, McCarran International Airport. Zero Gravity Corporation provides the service along with also the ticket fee is not economical.

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Neonopolis Review

An amusement complex includes plenty of amusement programs such as skeeball, hockey, the most recent ride simulators and video games. It covers an area of approximate feet.

Fremont Street Experience

The Viva Vision canopy and light series attract the road. The canopy is approximately 90 ft height, and its span is about five soccer fields with 12 million LED modules and 555,000 watt sound systems.

Bellagio Fountains

A fabulous fountain show at Bellagio Hotel, attached with light and sound.

Gallery of Fine Art in the Bellagio

The gallery displays the artworks from museums and private collections.

The Volcano Eruption at the Mirage Hotel

An epidemic of VolcanoVolcano can be seen at Hotel Mirage. It starts at 6 pm to 11.30 pm with a time-lapse of 15 minutes.

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Largest Golden Nugget

We can see the world’s most significant gold piece at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel.

Liberace Museum

The Museum exhibits matters that handle pianists. It presents a beautiful sight, and the entry fee is $24.95

Las Vegas SkyDiving

The Diving throughout the parachute over 10,000 ft in the atmosphere presents a picture of the city that is gorgeous.

Imperial Palace Auto Collections

It’s a paradise for car lovers. It exhibits the best and significant collection of cars.

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Big Shot at the Stratosphere

The thrilling ride that takes us to 160 feet upward in 2.5 seconds and falls back even in lesser time. It is present at Stratosphere resort.

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