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Role of Exercise in a weight loss program

Role of Exercise in a weight loss program 2

Obesity is currently referred to as an epidemic condition in public health. It is associated with the risk of developing many conditions such as, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal diseases and some cancers such as colon, rectum, to name a few.

With all these health risks, as well as the change they can bring in the quality of life bring the need for actions toward losing weight.

Weight loss is not and will never be a magic formula, no matter how beliefs. In fact, the body will shed extra fat in time when it needs supplementary calories to function.

This may happen through the demands you place on it in a given day than the amount of calories that you feed it. It is a very simple process.

Fat Burn for weight loss

decrease the total amount of calories ingested and increase the amount that you burn.

Many options are possible when looking for a weight loss program. Most of them often devote a lot of time explaining what to eat, in what amounts and even at what times or in what combinations.

But some of them emphasize the necessity of exercise and this not just to lose weight, but for general health and wellbeing. Exercise is crucial when planning to lose weight for quite a lot of reasons:

Exercise elevates metabolism. In fact, as you start eating less, your metabolism will slow down to a certain degree. Therefore, exercising helps to elevate your metabolism back to an efficient level.

Exercise helps you burn more calories so that you can lose weight faster and stay motivated in your efforts.

Additionally, exercise may induce the release of endorphins, which are chemicals keeping your mood elevated.

Exercise doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours at the gym or straining through killing workouts. It should be something that you enjoy. That way you can sustain it for long.

Increase first your activity level in general. Stop taking lifts and start taking stairs when you can.

If driving, make sure you park far from the mall door when you go shopping. Take a walk in the park or a neighborhood you like. Bring a dog or a friend along for company. Dance or martial art lesson can also be great.

Once you become more active in general, it will be easier and natural for you to move into regular exercise.

It is essential to increase your heart rate to a fat burning level and keep it there for at least 20 minutes, 3 times or more a week.

Nevertheless, if going to a gym is not your option, there are other options. Videos are now available with all types of exercise.

Doing that you can modify your routine every time you want so that you don’t get bored with what you’re doing. This can even be done in the comfort of your home.

In case you are unable to exercise due to physical limitation you can still find a way to increase your activity level.

Activities such as water aerobics is a great option for people with joint problems or limited mobility since it relieves the pressure on your body that your weight provides. This way you still get the resistance to challenge your muscles from the water.

Motivation is the key whatever kind of exercise you choose. Also, keep in mind that this should be as fun as possible. You can even make it a social event by gathering a group together.

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