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Think! If Google Disappeared Suddenly

Think! If Google Disappeared Suddenly

For a lot of users of this gigantic search engine believe that it will always be accessible online. It’s nearly impossible for it to disappear. A lot of people depend heavily online on doing lots of things. However, are you aware that Google did disappear in the past? Google and its service turn off for 2 to 3 times. In general, internet traffic went down by 40%. The same incident happened in 2009 in May. The shut down occurs for a couple of minutes only. So, if this search engine disappeared for at least one or two days, what will happen?

You Can’t Search Anymore If Google Disappeared

if Google is not available

You can find almost everything online. You can get the data you need through “googling.” A lot of people have ignored this. If Google is not available, searching is one important thing you would not be able to do. You might turn to other options whose results might not be as precise as Google.

Company Will Lose Clients

Today a lot of clients and customers Google the services they want. And from the result, they allow choosing a company to render the services. Companies will surely lose this network of the client. This occurrence will have considerable effects on turnover.

Loss of Profit

Since you’re losing clients, it follows that you’re experiencing a dip in profit. It might not be instant. The loss of profit happens over time.

Worry No More About Search Engine Optimization

Because many companies want to position higher on search research, they optimize their web content by using SEO experts. With Google disappeared, you don’t need to worry about this service. You can post your content.

Considerable Drop in Online Traffic

Search engine most essential Google contributes considerably to online traffic. Therefore, when you get 20,000 visits a day, it might lessen to 10,000. It will affect sites which have a high ranking.

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