10 herbs for anti-aging and skin care

Ayurveda is age old science which is still giving leads to modern medicine. Same is the case with skin care. Here also the principles set by Ayurveda are just wisdom personified. Ayurveda lays down Anti-aging and skin care principles under following heads;

  1. Vayasthapana(Age-defying herbs)- The herbs that takes care of optimum physiological functions, nourishes skin hence arrest aging(vayastapana). These herbs also enhance  Collagen synthesis. Centella asiatica is one of the foremost Vayastapana herb which is leading anti-aging herb with strong antioxidant action.
  2. Varanya(Youthful radiance)- These are herbs used to brighten complexion and glow. Glowing skin is considered very important for skin health. This property helps skin to look young and glowing. It works best when detoxification function of the body is at its best. eg Aloe vera
  3. Sandhaniya(Protection from normal wear and tear of skin)- This property of herbs helps in regeneration and repair of skin. These herbs also repair the effects of aging and daily wear and tear of skin. These herbs accelerate the repair and regenerative processes within the skin. The healing process of skin is also speeded up by these herbs.
  4. Vranropana(Deep healing herbs)- These are herbs which have got the ability to speed up deeper healing after injury. Vrana means injury and ropana means repair or cover. so these herbs should be used as the first line of defense against any type of skin injury. eg Centella asiatica and Glycyrrhiza glabra.
  5. Twachya(Nourishing herbs)- These type of herbs provide nourishment to the skin as well as maintain the moisture content of skin. It is just like feeding the Skin. These herbs contain natural vitamins and macronutrients as well as micronutrients and hence prevent aging. eg Centella asiatica and Emblica officinale.
  6. Shothhara(Anti-inflammatory)- These herbs are downregulating the inflammatory markers including allergens in skin. Inflammation is considered a prime factor in aging as inflammation at site can turn a microscar in skin into wrinkle and blemish . Inflammatory markers such as prostaglandins, cytokines and leukotrienes target skin integrity and tone. eg Aloe vera and rose petals.
  7. Tvachyagnivardhani(Herbs strengthening metabolism of skin)- As skin is represented by Agni or pitta dosha so the Herbs which maintain or increase skin metabolism are essential part of anti-aging strategy. As one ages metabolism of skin also weakens. Ama created in body is settled in skin and create wrinkles blemishes and dryness. Centella asiatica is one such herb which removes toxins and checks ama production in the skin.
  8. Twagrasayan(Skin rejuvenating herbs)- These type of herbs literally helps in Skin rejuvenation. These herbs prevent sickness and aging by renewing the skin. These herbs function through strong antioxidation mechanisms. eg Amla and centella asiatica.

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