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1000 watt complexion! You turn up the luminosity of your

Peelings, foundations with luminosity enhancers, jet creams … a whole new group of cosmetic products is currently commissioned to make our complexion glow. Well, we can use that well on dark days. But what can the products for radiantly beautiful skin do?

We explain how to make the complexion glow with Deciem The Ordinary Products

Mean, but true: Over the years, our skin loses not only its elasticity and firmness but also its luminosity. At 20, it took little more than a simple moisturizer to make our skin happy and make it glow.

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Because cell division is still in full swing at this age, the skin renews itself every 28 days, and the elastic fibres form a firm structure in the depth of the skin, and its surface is smooth and well supplied with blood – in short: the skin is so fit that it optimally reflects the light that hits it.

The glow that seems to emanate from young, healthy skin is not something that can be preserved forever. Because the skin changes. The cell division subsides (at 35 the skin needs 40 days for complete renewal), the elastic fibres decrease and dryness lines, pigment disorders and wrinkles spread on the surface.

These are all factors that also change the way the skin’s incoming light reflects. That is, its glow diminishes, the complexion appears increasingly pale, and we look tired, even though we feel fresh and awake. The positive thing is there is a lot you can do about it!

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Radiant skin:

peels are the be-all and end-all the smoother the surface of the skin, the better it reflects the light, the more it radiates. So far, so good. What does that mean for the daily beauty routine? To turn the skin back into a pretty luminous body, the first thing to do is to remove dead skin cells that pile upon its surface gently. Gentle peels with enzymes (which come as a powder and are dissolved in water) or gentle acids such as lactic acid are ideal for this. Our recommendation: Use up to three times a week (once a week for sensitive skin) in the evening.

The advantage: 

Enzymes or lactic acid only chemically detach the cells that need to be separated (provided that the maximum exposure time is observed!). An ‘over-peeling’ and the associated irritation of the skin is practically impossible. This cannot always be ruled out in the case of peelings with scratching grains. In the meantime, there are even washing gels for daily cleaning, which make the complexion glow with fruit extracts (e.g. from papaya). This is the first step towards a glowing complexion!

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Peels and cleaning products for that extra shine:

Luminosity boss

The best care for a radiant complexion our skin can only offer a smooth – and therefore glowing surface – if it is optimally hydrated. Creams are mandatory after cleaning! If you want to invest in a new daycare product, you should rely on active ingredients such as ceramides, retinoids, vitamin C and AHA acids, since they smooth and tighten and thus also improve the luminosity of the skin and also easily purchased at affordable prices with Amazon discounts

New are creams that cheat the skin in addition to care, optically smoother. This is made possible by specially shaped pigments and silicones, which are placed on the surface of the skin like mini mirrors and scatter the light so that it appears more even and shines. If you do not want to do without your usual day cream, you can also switch on the radiance of your complexion with special serums and give the skin an extra portion of care substances. These creams and serums turn the wattage of our complexion up.

Make-up products with the glow

concealer, highlighter and bronzing powder for some time now, especially on the catwalks of the fashion shows, models have been seen whose skin is just shining. Frosted faces are a thing of the past. It is, of course, no secret that the healthy ‘glow’ on the face of the catwalk beauties is the work of skilled make-up artists—your secret helpers: special foundations that increase the luminosity of the skin, highlighter and bronzing powder. We, too, can sneak a tired, dull complexion.

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Create a radiant complexion step-by-step instructions

Step 1:

Foundation Apply whose speciality pigments diffuse the light so that they act like a blur. Unevenness, pigment spots, reddening and pale areas can be easily cheated away. Because our skin cannot shine when the natural skin tone no longer shines through, the following applies to make-up: less is more!

If you do not have large impurities or pigment spots, you can also get more rays in your face with special BB Creams. They are lightly pigmented than foundations and have a high maintenance percentage.

Step 2:

Set sparingly dosed highlights with a highlighter, e.g. on the highest point of the cheekbones and above the lip heart. 

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Important: the shimmer must be subtle and well veneered; otherwise, it will quickly look unnatural. If you want to give your regular foundation more luminosity, you can also work with a unique bronzer.

Apply to cheeks, temples and under the chin! Don’t worry; the fine pigments don’t sparkle; they only provide a natural shimmer that makes us feel relaxed and awake. And that suits every woman, no matter what age! These foundations and powders give a radiant finish:

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