Tips to Apply Natural Self Tanners

Tips to Apply Natural Self Tanners

Nowadays, there are many tanning products available. You do not have the choice of only streaky, messy lotions as well as orange sprays. The modern self tanners tend to be effortless. They result in the skin having a soft-focus type of glow. You do not need to spend much time in the sun getting this. The tanners are also clean as well as natural. 

Natural self tanners how do they work?

The active ingredient present in sunless tanners tends to be dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This can penetrate your naturally present dead skin cells upon the epidermis. It then darkens these, giving you the fake tan. 

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It has been said that the most popular DHA is synthetic; however, it can be gotten from sugar. This is what you can get in natural choices. The natural DHAs function like traditional options. 

The amount of deepness that the product builds is dependent on the level of potency of the DHA within the formula. When the dead skin cells slough off, and when you exfoliate, it is possible to notice the tan fading.

Look for a good natural tanning product that will allow your skin to look amazing. Check out the natural self-tanning lotion at Luna Bronze for instance. You can look at the different brands and what they have to offer. 

Now let’s look at how you can prep, apply, as well as prolong the glow.

Begin by exfoliating

Before applying, you have to exfoliate the skin. It will develop a fresh base that the formula can do wonders on. This is because the actives function by staining the top layer of the dead skin cells, making it necessary to get rid of the outermost layer. After all, these can shed quicker, increasing the fade time. Find an oil-free exfoliator because oil can impact the tan negatively. 

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Moisturize properly

It is important to moisturize before applying the product if you do not want to get uneven and patchy tans. One can get discoloration within drier places, like elbows, ankles, neck, and knees. This results in much product absorption within the skin. 

A good moisturizer will aid in making sure that the self-tan does not cling. This will lead you to have a flawless glow when the color develops. 

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Apply carefully

Now, it is the time to apply the tan. The procedure may be different for different products. Carefully follow the instructions present. However, there are some basic rules which you can keep in mind. 

For instance, work in sections. Begin at the base of your leg, and then in tight and circular motions, you can work around the limb. Do not pursue long sweeping motions. This is how it is possible to miss spots and develop streaks. 

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If you are not sure what to do, blend more. Blending is vital, and you cannot blend enough. When the product has been applied it is important to wash the hands. This is even if you had a mitt on when applying. This will stop the crevices amongst the fingers as well as palms from staining. 

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