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5 Reasons Why We Celebrate Birthday

5 Reasons Why We Celebrate Birthday

I bet you have celebrated several birthdays in your lifetime. Whether it’s your sixteenth or the eightieth birthday, you should celebrate it to the maximum. Things change as time changes, and hence there are several reasons why you should celebrate your birthday.

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5 reasons why you should celebrate your next birthday

1. Birthdays are social

This is the perfect time to get all your friends and family at the same place. On the occasion of Birthdays, our kith and kins have a chance to meet and interact. It’s no secret that people are very busy nowadays. This is a perfect time to organize something that will get all your friends at the same place. Why not make it happen?

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2. People have to celebrate you

You are here, and I think people especially your parents have to celebrate you. This is a day to bring them together and make all your family and friends celebrate you. It is important for all of their attention to be focused on you. Let your loved ones show you with compliments and gifts how much you matter to their lives.

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3. You have a perfect chance to reflect on your life

Life is changing and so are you. Celebrating your birthday gives you an ideal opportunity to reflect on those things that need a change too. If it’s your 18th, 35th or 70th birthday, you can have some time to reflect on what you have achieved so far or what you need to accomplish in the next year. Take this time to evaluate your life and make changes where need arise. Reflect on the past and smile if some good things have happened and make up your mind to achieve the best and to keep only the right people in your life in the next few years.

4. It’s an essential phase in your life

Once your 18th or 40th birthday passes, you will never have a chance to celebrate it again. Why don’t you do it to the maximum today? You deserve the day, and also people need an opportunity to tell you too. Take that advice from friends and family seriously. Take the chance and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. Invite friends, cut the cake, eat it and share some with friends and family. I bet this is what every person is looking for and that’s why they are in the occasion-to celebrate together with you.

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5. It is an Expression of thanks

This is a day to celebrate birth itself. This is the time that you will reflect on your childhood and share some of the funniest moments with your parents. It is also one of the best days to be thankful to your parents for raising you up and taking care of you. It is also a chance to thank God for all the attention, mercy and guidance. It is the only time when your past will intercede with your future.

Final Words!

Celebrate your birthday and share birthday wishes like there will be no other chance to do so. Why don’t you call all the impactful people in your life and celebrate with them. So, if there is anybody out there celebrating their birthday today, happy birthday from me.


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