5 Ways to pass time at home during the lockdown

pass time at home during the lockdown

Who knew that we would be spending the year 2020 staying locked up in our homes? The novel coronavirus is a deadly disease, and without vaccination and proper treatment, it is the worst pandemic the world has ever seen. Thus, to keep ourselves and our family safe, we have to stay at home in quarantine, leaving the house only for work or if necessary.

It does pose a problem because you are always home, especially if you are working from home. Your family is home, your kids or roommate, or so on. That gives an excellent opportunity to bond with them. But if you live alone, it can pose a problem. Even with people who live with family, being at home 24×7 is a challenge, as sometimes you have no clue as to what you should or can do? You are tired of working, and your anxiety levels are high.

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5 ways to pass time at home during the lockdown/quarantine.

1. Join a course 

there are tons of apps and websites and prestigious colleges that are offering online courses. If you are free, it is the best time to learn something new. Some courses are free, but you will have to pay for the best ones, though the charges are nominal. For instance, the Udemy app has numerous courses, from guitar lessons to coding, and so on. You can choose your level, and the courses will be available to you to complete them for over a month. You also get a certificate after you complete a course, which adds to your resume.

2. Try your hands at online tools

The pandemic is the right time to learn some tools so that you get better at designing and editing. Even the people who are not making a career in designing or editing can learn these tools. They are fun, and it can inspire you to start your YouTube channel or start a blog, which will require you to master these skills.

Anyway, knowing such skills can never hurt you. So, go and create an account on Canva and try all their free features. You can use tons of templates to create an excellent cover for your Facebook account or find better ways to create engaging stories, and so on. Similarly, a lot of editing software have free trials, use them to learn the intricate world of editing.

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3. Start your podcast

We all believe in a thing or cause that we want to talk about with others. Or maybe you have great humour. So, why don’t you use it for doing something creative which can also help you earn money? Starting a podcast is simple and best for people who don’t like writing blogs. Pick a topic that you are passionate about, and you talk.

You can use tools like Anchor to record your podcast and share it on platforms like Spotify or Apple podcasts and so on. You will need equipment, but they are available easily on Amazon. If you put some time and hard work in it, it can get sponsorship, and you can interview tons of people, the ones you know.

4. Work hard on your body

The quarantine is the perfect time to work on your body, mind, and skin. So, if you were not a workout person before Corona, it is time you become one. A lot of gym and yoga studio teachers are starting online classes, join the one you are most comfortable with. Or you can look up YouTube videos or professional experts, and start training your body.

Similarly, meditation is fantastic and has tons of benefits. It will calm your mind and free it from anxiety. Just start by breathing in and out while keeping your eyes closes, and try to focus your thoughts.

Lastly, pamper your skin, and you don’t need tons of beauty products for it. There are a lot of products in your Kitchen that you can use for a DIY mask for that perfect glow.

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5. Write and publish a book

Love writing and want to write and publish a book? Well, what perfect time than this quarantine? It will give you ample time to pen down your thoughts. Also, Amazon is providing an option to publish your eBook. This can be your time to fulfil your dream of becoming a writer.

Quarantine is for our safety. The world needs everyone to stay home and stay safe. So, if you have a choice, stay home and use the free time to horn your skills, get close to your family by remaining in touch with them through phones, and care for yourself.

Hope you like these tips, Now please follow and pass time at home during COVID-19 pandemic 

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