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Australians are moving interstate in record numbers, whether for new work opportunities or an exciting lifestyle change. Australian states all greatly vary from each other, which can lead to some adjustments settling in, and also in regards to different laws and regulations.

Moving interstate can often be daunting and overwhelming, but by carefully planning your
move, it doesn’t have to be the cause of sleepless nights in the lead up to moving day.

To make your move as easy as possible,

7 tips for moving interstate from professional removalists

1. Only take what you need

When you move interstate, you will be required to sort through and pack all of your belongings, which makes it the perfect time to ask yourself what you really want to bring to your new home.

By getting rid of stuff which you no longer want or need, it allows you to cut down on your moving costs, while also saving you significant time from having to pack all these items.

For any items which are valuable, consider selling them on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Otherwise, donate them to friends and families, or to charity. People in less fortunate situations could benefit from your unwanted items, which would only sit unused and adding clutter to your brand new home.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of decluttering your items is that with the money you make from any sales, you can put towards the cost of a removalist, reducing the overall cost you need to pay for your move. Also, you may potentially be able to move with a smaller and cheaper truck due to the less amount of truck space required.

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2. Be Prepared For Quarantine Laws

Australia has on of the most enforced quarantine laws in the world. These don’t only apply when coming to Australia; they also apply when crossing into a new state.

It’s strongly recommended to leave behind the fruit, plants, agricultural equipment and animal products, as they may contain either fruit flies or contaminants and soil.

To find out more information on quarantine rules for each state, visit the Australian Government’s interstate quarantine website.

3. Plan When You Move In Advance

By planning your move, you can avoid moving during peak seasons. Sometimes of the year are more expensive to move than others in Australia.

Peak seasons included:

  • Public Holidays
  • Long Weekends
  • School Holidays
  • Christmas / End of Year Holidays

Make sure when you are asking for a quote to ask for both peak and off-peak season moving rates, as they will differ depending on the season in which you plan to move.

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4. Find A Reliable and Trustworthy Interstate Moving Company

Do you have a tight budget? It might make sense to look for the moving company with the lowest quote, right? Well, that would be a big mistake!

Cheap moving companies may seem like the best deal up front, but they usually have hidden costs and surcharges hidden in the fine print. In addition to this, they often subcontract to inexperienced removalists to keep costs down, and don’t always take care of your belongings, or ensure they arrive on time.

To make it worse, they don’t carry insurance, so if something were to become damaged or broken, they would leave you on your own to replace it out of pocket.

Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen right? Well, there’s a better way by finding a removalist company who is reliable and experienced.

Local And Interstate Removals are professional interstate removalists who offer well trained and trustworthy staff, as well as competitive prices. Also, with a reliable moving company, you ensure that all of your belongings are handled with care, and in case something does go wrong, you will be covered by insurance for every situation.

5. Leave Plenty Of Time To Pack

Packing may seem like its something easy enough to be left until right before you move.

But in the days leading up to only your move, you will have hundreds of last minute things to organise, with the burden of packing also weighing on your mind and adding to your stress.

Quick Pro Packing tips:

Use items such as suitcases, bags, backpacks, and laundry hamper to store any smaller items and help to save space.
Pack heavy and large items at the bottom of boxes, and smaller and lighter pieces on the top.
Check again to leave plenty of time to slowly and safely pack your fragile and valuable goods to make sure they don’t get destroyed in transit.

If you are running out of time, or need some help packing your valuable items, then Local And Interstate Removals offers cheap and affordable packing services.

6. Make Sure Your New Address Is Ready Before The Moving Van Arrives

If you need to do any painting or remodelling, it’s strongly suggested to have it completed before moving into your new home, if possible.

Doing so will save you time, and allow all of your items to be moved straight from the moving truck to their new place in your home.

Otherwise, you may need to pay for storage until the works are completed, and even possibly pay for alternative accommodation. These expenses add up fast, and can quickly put you over budget, especially since with careful planning they can be avoided.

7. Take Advantages of Extra Services

By selecting a reputable moving company, they will also offer you a range of extra services, which can be tailored to an affordable package and can lead to saving you both time and money.

It’s quite often for professional removalists to offer:

– Packing Services
– Storage Services
– Furniture disassembly and reassembly

Bundling extra services don’t only save you time, they can end up saving you money too, as each package is flexible and tailored to your exact requirements.

By following these seven tips for moving interstate, it will help ensure a smooth transition to your new home, as well as make sure that the moving experience goes according to plan and there are no unwanted moving day surprises.

For professional and reliable interstate moves, Local And Interstate Movers have got you covered. We provide trustworthy removalists and a service you can count on. Contact us today 


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