7 Ways to Improve Online Shopping Experience

7 Ways to Improve Online Shopping Experience

As we progress in this modern world, we are experiencing a boom in the online shopping industry with time. The retail sector has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade, and you can get a glimpse of that through your own modified shopping experience as well. With all the pros that the online shopping industry offers, the eCommerce industry must continuously provide an excellent consumer experience. It is a non-controversial fact that the competition in this field is neck to neck, and thus it is tough to secure your existing position.

Even conventional shopping methods focus on the overall consumer experience as the basis of all the business. The online retailing system works upon the same lines, and thereby it is the priority of every eCommerce business to provide a tremendous and unparalleled experience to users. Customer satisfaction and excellent feedback turn the mere visitors to your platform into your permanent base. For that, you must serve them with only the best and pay attention to provide a customized experience.

Customer experience is a tool that serves as a mediator between the creators and regulators of a particular eCommerce platform and the online shoppers. Customers do have many queries sometimes, want to gain more information about the product or service, face post-purchase problems- all these need to be addressed to provide an excellent experience to the users. In this way, you must focus on the quality of the product and its reach. 

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There are many things associated with it if you also find ways to improve consumers’ online shopping experience. We have prepared a thorough guide to take you through the same.

Seven ways to improve online shopping experience

1. Start with good Looks

It is your brand’s external appearance that will make the first impression on the users’ minds. Make sure you put a handsome amount of effort while dealing with the looks. The exterior looks should be reflective of what you want to convey through your brand. The idea should not only be attractive but appealing too. Firstly, you need to have a great logo and tagline impressive enough to leave a long-lasting impression on users’ minds. Please do not keep it flashy or try to overdo things; it will only spoil it all for you.

2. Surprise Your Shoppers!

An excellent shopping experience can even be enhanced by adding surprises to it. Anyone coming through your eCommerce platform and giving a chance to your product will only take a good experience with them if you try to put some effort too with the help of little surprises. These surprises can be in the form of no shipping charges or discount coupons; even it is not hefty discounts. Providing such discount coupons or other little perks, in the end, will also make them feel good about your brand, and they will get a push to shop from you again.

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Through these little surprises, you are building a solid base, and it is seen that people do mention these little perks received when they promote your brand among their peer group and family. So, you may not find the immediate benefits of such little perks, but they will pay back in the long run.

3. Make product searches hassle-free

Design and manage your website to become effortless for the new users to find their chosen products in a non-chaotic manner. This step makes it convenient for the users to look for the product in whatever way they want. Statistics suggest that the users spend more time on websites that offer the option to sort as per the type, price, and utility. The search results should be inclusive of small images with them. Image size should be appropriate and visible enough for the users to get an idea of the actual product.

Users usually abandon a site that does not provide an option of hassle-free search. The clear motto behind providing this feature is to save users’ time and make it easy to filter out their choice between the tones of products available on the site.

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4. Optimize your website for mobile

To provide an incredible shopping experience to the users, it is essential to keep in mind that the number of users browsing your site on mobile phones has increased over time. Thus, the website should have the feature of mobile-friendliness. The website should be compatible with not only mobile phones but PC, tablets, etc. The website should be so optimized that it adapts itself when browsed on mobile phones. This includes making use of such images, videos, and infographics that have the potential of going well on phones.

Keeping in view the above said, the website’s responsiveness should be high on smartphones. It is usually seen that the consumer does not prefer to spend more time on websites that are not quick to respond to smartphones. The website’s ranking on the popular search engines is highly determined by its responsiveness on mobile phones.

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5. Add a customer reviews section to your site

Customers do have numerous queries before buying a particular product, and they do check for the reviews on which they base their decision. Therefore, if you aim for a great shopping experience for your users, it can be a great feature to be introduced on your site. A separate segment should be there to rate and provide a comment by the buyers of a particular product. 

Adding reviews increases the credibility and trust indicator towards your website. It attracts consumers. It is therefore advised to introduce it today in case you missed it earlier.

6. Make your site secure / (Install an SSL certificate)

Today the users are concerned about their security on digital platforms. Keeping in view the cyber-attacks and the subsequent losses throughout the world, it is your responsibility to keep your website sound and secure. As the users share sensitive information that the scammers may misemploy, it will create a bad image in their minds regarding your brand. Many mid-size and small businesses often overlook this aspect and thus fall into the trap of cybercriminals and go through substantial fiscal losses. To avoid all this, it is highly suggested to buy an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates are digital files that ensure the safety of the communication that takes place between client-server and browser by following the HTTPS protocol. So many types of SSL Certificates are available in the market. These certificates are available at pocket-friendly rates at CheapSSLShop and are considered helpful in ensuring security.

7. Personalize Customer Experience

Specially treating every user is utilized by many big and small businesses and is appreciated mainly by consumers. It is seen as an emotional boom to the consumers to remain associated with your brand. Make them feel special for you and display it with your actions too. 

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In the beginning, you can greet them in a personalized manner on your eCommerce platform and carry the same by helping them in adding products to the cart by asking for their choices at every stage. Further, you can add the same element to the deliveries. Personalized notes are now added now- a – days with each delivery to make the consumers feel special.

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