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The married daughters’ right in mother’s self-acquired property

For a long time, the concept of succession or inheritance of property has been synonymous with how and what the son will get. Right...

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Sale deed: What you should know!

A sale deed is one of the significant documents in property transactions What is a sale deed? A sale deed is a legal document that describes...

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What If Buyer or Seller Breaches Sale Agreement

Sale Agreement contains terms and conditions agreed to between the buyer and the seller for effecting the sale.When the buyer or the seller acts...

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Like other resident Indians, NRIs too have become conscious of putting in their money where the bigger buck is!Hence, investment in commercial property is...

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Can NRIs buy property jointly with resident Indian?

Some things in this world are still going fine jointly! Take property ownership in India, for instance – especially when we live in a...

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