Can an average student get a job in RBI?

There are 2 ways to get into RBI when we talk about getting in through an examination:

  1. RBI Assistant
  2. RBI Grade B

RBI Assistant is the lowest level of Recruitment whereas Grade B is the highest level of Recruitment that is conducted by RBI.

So, here we will talk about RBI Grade B only. I have seen a wide variety of students crack the RBI Grade B Examination. I have seen students from IGNOU crack this exam. I have seen students from DU crack this exam. I have seen students from IIM’s crack this exam, I have seen students from local colleges crack this exam. So, it all depends upon your hard work and determination to clear this examination and also, how well you are organized with your preparation.

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First of all, before starting preparation of RBI Grade B you must study and understand the basic Pattern & Syllabus of RBI Grade B. In fact, not just for RBI Grade B, for any other examination this must be the first step before starting the preparation. It gives you a basic idea about the examination and puts you on the right track for your preparation.

Once you know the pattern and syllabus, you need to know where you stand in terms of preparation. This is a very crucial step because it will help you do the reality check. Appear for 1-2 mock tests for the exams and see if you are comfortable with the type of questions.

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These mock tests will help you assess the following:

  • The difference between your current preparation level and the level that is required to pass the exam.
  • If you need to work on certain topics from scratch.
  • If you are taking too much time in solving questions.

Then you can make a list of topics in the following categories:

  • Topics that you are comfortable with and can solve quickly.
  • Topics that you are comfortable with but taking time in solving.
  • Topics that you have solved earlier but forgot the method of solving.
  • Topics that you are not at all comfortable with.

Once you have sorted this out, then you can start your preparation accordingly.

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For a detailed strategy to clear the RBI Grade B Examination, you can read one of my answers on Quora itself.

Anuj Jindal’s answer to How should you prepare for the RBI grade B exam 2018?

I hope this helps you. All the Best!!

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