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Sleep Meditation and its Effects on Mind and Body

Sleep Meditation and its Effects on Mind and Body

Hello Guys, Today’s topic is Sleep Meditation, I am Reena Lakha, this is a topic which is very negligible, but after reading this article, I am sure, you will realize how meditation is essential to feel well and live a Happy Life.

Sleep Meditation

Today in this contemporary era, having trouble sleeping at night is a pretty common disorder than we think. I have it, you have it and probably thousands of people have to face this daunting experience every other night.

Sometimes you lie down in bed and make all your calculations that if you fell asleep right at this moment you’ll wake up fresh having a good 6-hour siesta. But in reality, you hardly get two hours of nap and you wake up cranky and tired than before. Sometimes you don’t get proper rest at all. You just lie down, change sides all night, wake up and go to work like a zombie! Trust me we all have been there.

Yoga Nidra

Sleep meditation is considered to be one of the best remedies for this disorder. It is also known as Yoga Nidra – Nidra meaning sleep in Sanskrit is a state between being awake and sleeping, where you put yourself in a state in which the body is entirely relaxed but mentally conscious.

how you can perform deep sleep meditationThis means you are sleeping physically but not mentally. This meditation has been used as a relaxation technique (or meditation) for the mind, body and soul for centuries in the Hindu culture.

Research and some studies depict that this method of meditation was invented in 700 B.C and is still practised today in many cultures.

Sleep meditation revives your quality of health, mind body and controls all the anxiety and traumas that you face in your everyday life, or what you may have faced in your past days.

It will ensure that your inner self is cleansed and relaxed, and your mind is cured of all the stress. This will result in improved sleep, relaxed brain, muscles, and recapturing your lost energy.

It is also an effective way to cure sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep paralysis, hypnic jerk, etc.

Performing sleep meditation is not a technique one cannot master with patience and persistence, you can learn this technique. Before writing this article, I research and study various topics like how to meditate, it’s benefits, about mindfulness and covers a lot of similar topics.

Moreover, I also tried mediation techniques; and guys! what I feel it regulates my blood flow to the executive regions of the brain during nap.

Some people prefer to practice Yoga Nidra with a guided slow and calming audio track, while some prefer to perform it in a very quiet place. Make sure one should take proper guidance of any qualified meditation instructor or Guru.

Sleep meditation and regain your inner peace

  • Loosen up your body and lie down in a quiet, peaceful place. This will help in relaxing your mind.
  • Make a resolution to get from this meditation time. Think about what you want in life or what makes you satisfied.
  • Next, your mind should visit all parts of your body helping to calm them slowly, making you aware of your body parts and how each part functions differently. It’s like taking a trip through your whole body.
  • Breathe in and out slowly and through the nostrils only. This helps your body loosen up and get rid of any muscle tension or stress. You will feel tranquil at this point.
  • Think about the positive and happy memories of your life. Bring out the positive emotions and pleasures you have experienced.
  • In the final stage of sleep meditation, you have to visualize and feel at the same time. Imagine pleasing and peaceful scenes like a beach, valley or any holy place that you feel close to yourself. This will further help relax your body and mind.

Thanks for the reading, My next attention is mindfulness meditation, I will be here soon with a brief description

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