7 Special Events You Can Gift Flower Bouquet

Flower and happiness both are twins. It always reduces your pain and doubles your joy. The flower is a way of expressing feelings for an introvert. At the same time, a flower is a perfect gift for any occasion. You can buy a gift flower bouquet on a happy event, and sad too. It just, you need to gift the right flower bouquet. Maybe your florist in Mumbai & you can send flowers to Gurgaon. If you are still confused, don’t worry. Here I will guide to gift flowers for every small or big occasion. And let me tell you one more thing, these flowers you can order from Bloomsvilla. 

Gift Flower Bouquet The Best for All Special Events

Flower for Congratulate someone 

When someone close to you, and achieve something. It feels great. At that time, you want to congratulate that person. But you are confused about how to do this. Here red carnation can help you. This flower symbolizes admiration, pride, and of course, love. I think these are the things you want to say. So red carnation bouquet can be your perfect, congratulations gift.

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Flower to gift in someone’s wedding

Wedding is an important occasion for someone’s life. Here two different personalities and souls become one. Two people start their new journey of life. So the gift should be something that blesses the couple. A gift that spread love and loyalty in their married life. For this, you have so many options. So I am going to suggest one of the most beautiful flowers. I know you must have thought about roses but will say tulip. Tulip will be the charming wedding gift bouquet.

Wedding anniversary

Anniversary is a celebration of love, joy, happiness, togetherness, and loyalty. So it would be best if you gifted a wedding anniversary bouquet, which represents it. I don’t think any flower cab be better than chrysanthemum. This will be the sweetest gift for your loved one’s anniversary. So without any hesitation, order online now.

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Baby Shower Occasion

Baby Shower is such an emotional occasion for any couple. It is unique for soon to be a mother because she is going to give birth. She is going to introduce a new life in this beautiful world. So your flower bouquet should be related to this. It should be in the celebration and welcoming new life—gift white orchid bouquet. I tell you why because this flower, symbolizes the elegance, birth of a baby, and innocence. 

Gift Flower Bouquet on Baby Birth

For sure, this is the biggest happiness of any couple life. I don’t need to tell why, because you all understand this emotion. For this occasion, only one flower that comes in my mind is Daisy. I know some people must be thinking of why. Because this flower symbolizes motherhood, childbirth, purity, innocence, and a new, beginning. I think, now you understand why I choose the Daisy flower bouquet.

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Your special one birthday

Yes, you are right here. I will say rose because it’s your sweetheart’s birthday. So you must gift a rose bouquet to your special one. I don’t think I need to say anything to you a red rose bouquet. Here you have lots of options. You can gift so many different flower bouquet, and different colour rose bouquet too. But still, red rose has its charm that no one can replace. Let your sweetheart’s birthday, make more special and memorable with your gift. I mean with your love bouquet (red rose bouquet).

Your friend’s birthday

Again, here you have lots of options. But I will still say yellow rose bouquet because it symbolizes friendship. I am sure your friend or best friend will receive so many gifts on his or her birthday. But your gift will be very special among all the gifts because you will gift flower bouquet to your friend. Let me correct myself, and you will get friendship’s symbol.

So here, I tried to cover all the special and important occasions. I know, so many left, but these are common, that’s why I added these in my list. I hope, I clear all your doubts, and now you are clear about which flower according to the occasion. 


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