Hackers are using google alerts for Malicious attacks

While using the internet, we have to come across hacking attacks in various ways. Nowadays, hackers are making fool to internet users on the name of the big companies. They are making a fool of the internet users in the false sense of security. For this reason, Bleeping Computer has published a report. Google Alerts notification is helping internet users in various ways.

Google alerts for Malicious attacks

Google Alerts are sending notifications about malicious attacks. With the help of this service, Google is also monitoring the search results of the users against specific keywords. This service is also helpful for those people who are looking for the best job opportunities. They get the notifications of the jobs. They get these notifications immediately after appearing these jobs.

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The hackers are using this fact for their benefits. For this reason, they have created fake websites or specific pages. With the help of these websites and pages, they have combined the data breach with well-known brands. It means that they send fake notifications of these data breaches of various companies like PayPal and Target etc.

When the users of Google click on these notifications, these pages or websites will be disappeared. As a result, downloading of malicious software starts. If you want to save your system from these malicious attacks, you should not accept downloading link from an unknown website. Its reason is that this unknown website can send malware into our system in the form of downloading link.

Along with finding the downloading links from these malicious websites, they are also getting ‘page not found error’ from these malicious websites.

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They can also use it for the fake data breach. When they are using it for a fake data breach, it looks like legitimate users. For this reason, they can use this data breach to promote the topic on the internet. For example, if a specific web page has lots of text files, they can use these text files to promote a particular subject on Google.

By using this trick, they can also make a fool of Google’s algorithms. As a result, the pages of the scammers will get higher rank in the Google search results. When users click on these pages, they can become victims of malicious attacks.

Studies by a dissertation help firm show that hackers are also using fake Adobe Flash updates to spread malware. These flash updates are not appearing in the Google, but these counterfeit updates are also appearing on the Firefox. If you want to save your system from these kinds of malware attacks, you should be aware of these updates. While searching for anything on Google, you should not click on any downloading or suspicious links.

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Its reason is that after clicking on these links, you will receive these kinds of notifications. Anyhow, if you are visiting a legitimate website, you can click on the links. Its reason is that legitimate sites take an overview of all the links. These websites never show these kinds of malicious links on their websites.

Nowadays, Google users are also facing problems due to COVID-19 misusing updates. The hackers are sending these kinds of updates, and they are stealing the credential information of the users. They have also developed malicious software. This malicious software is in the form of Coronavirus Android tracking app. When you visit this website, you will be asked to download this app.

They ask you to download this app by getting useful information about this pandemic disease. They also get information about the COVID-19 cases based on the country wise. They can also get enough idea about the recoveries and fatalities of the coronavirus users. After installing this app, they will take full control of your phone. It means that they can get information from the users from the opening of the screen lock.

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If you want to save your phone or system from these kinds of malicious attacks, you should take some security measures. It would help if you tried to update your phone or system with the latest software updates. If you are using Google on your system, you should try to install antivirus software.

If free antivirus software doesn’t work on your system, you should consider premium antivirus software. The premium software will detect the malware attacks quickly.

If you visit a malware website, it will quickly identify it and provide you with a notification. If you are receiving links via emails or SMS, you should not click on these links. Its reason is that these links will also redirect the users towards malicious websites. You should not install an app or software from an unofficial publisher.

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