How to Find More Motivation and Confidence in Life

How to Find More Motivation and Confidence in Life
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There’s nothing that speaks like someone who’s quietly confident. When a person is confident, they take up space in a room before they open their mouth. If you’d like to build confidence in life, know that it also requires motivation, consistency, and discipline.

To gain the motivation and confidence you need to succeed in life, consider the following 6 tips.


By taking time to read, you’ll actively learn more about yourself, various subjects, and the world. As you learn, you’ll gain more knowledge that you can apply to your life. You’ll also have more to talk about within the context of conversations. 

If your conversations currently revolve around pop culture, it’s time to start picking up books in different genres such as personal development, finance, and history. Even if you’re reading one economics article each day, it’s still broadening your capacity to learn. Anxiety affects your confidence, reading self-help books that will give you strategies to cope with your disorder can help you increase your confidence. As you learn more, your confidence quotient will naturally rise.

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Start Reciting Affirmations

Confidence is all about believing in yourself. When you’re confident in a particular subject or physical trait, it’s usually because enough people have told you that you are really knowledgeable about animals or that your hair is beautiful. Now, it’s your turn to tell yourself uplifting messages. When you tell yourself that you’re smart, confident, and strong on a consistent basis, your life will begin to steer in directions that make those affirmations true. You don’t want to lie to yourself, but with the consistent use of affirmations, you’ll speak those attributes into existence. Whenever you have a negative thought, find a way to reframe it as a positive affirmation. 

Listen to Motivational Messages

If you log onto a platform like Apple Podcasts or YouTube, it’s easy to do a quick search and find thousands and millions of motivational messages. It doesn’t matter the subject matter, you can find a motivational speech on it. Create a large playlist of motivational messages. Listen to one as you start each day. You can even opt to listen to the same one as you start the day. The key is to change the conversation you’re having within. When you get the right words in your heart, you’ll motivate your spirit to keep going in life. Some excellent motivational speakers include Les Brown, Dr. Eric Thomas, and Lisa Nichols.

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Connect with a Trained Professional

Sometimes we are unable to see our full world when we are focused in our own bubble. When you get the perspective of someone standing on the outside of your life, it’s much easier to get a better understanding of what everything actually looks like and what needs to change. This is one of the reasons why it’s an excellent idea to sit down with a mental health professional on a regular basis. 

By meeting with a coach who’s completed extensive life coach training, you can get the perspective of a professional who’s equipped with tools to help you get to where you’d like to go in your life. When you’re getting the perspective of a life coach, you’ll simultaneously get a cheerleader who can help you gain the confidence and the ability to believe in yourself again.

Prioritize Physical Self-Care Habits

Physical self-care truly matters because when you don’t look or feel your best, it translates. You don’t have to be a size 4 with modelesque features in order to feel good about yourself. You can build confidence by releasing endorphins through consistent exercise each day. Exercise does wonders for a person’s sense of self and gives you more motivation. Regular exercise leads to the energy and discipline needed for consistent motivation. If you’re insecure about your looks in some way, work on finding ways to either improve or accept that part of yourself.

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Keep Your Word to Yourself

When you show up for yourself, you build confidence in your ability to follow through. When you don’t keep promises to yourself, it’s actually a dangerous habit to cultivate because you subconsciously tell yourself that you’re not trustworthy. Whether it’s a small task like finishing the laundry every Wednesday or working out three times a week, follow through on the promises you make to yourself in order to improve your confidence.


It is possible to be confident and not arrogant. If you’re not used to being confident, it might feel foreign at first. However, lean into the discomfort and focus on the feelings you want to consistently cultivate. Remember that motivation and confidence require you to show up daily. As you do this for yourself, you’ll develop a sense of self that’s unbreakable.

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