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Microsoft Office 2003 vs. Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2003 vs Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2003 vs. 2007

If you own a desktop computer or a laptop, then you must be aware that every version of Microsoft Office comes with unique features fitted. When Microsoft Office 2007 was launched, there are several features that made it preferable to Microsoft Office 2003. In Microsoft Office 2007, there are many features that are removed and replaced with more functional ones. Some of them include:

Many people complain that Office 2003 and its predecessors are out of date. Word 2003 has more than 1500 commands, most of them have experienced flaws and problems which are left unfixed. On the other hand, Office 2007 presents a clean break in platform design which is built from the ground up to shed the elderly binary file formats and enable a new pattern of usability.

In addition, the price structure of Office 2007 and 2003 are almost at per. A good example is the price of the Office Professional 2007 in the inclusion of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook with Business Contact Manager, Publisher, Office Accounting Express and also Access 2007 costs $449 for purchase and $329 for the upgrade.

On the other hand, the retail price for Microsoft Office Small Business 2007, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook with Business Contract manager, and PowerPoint costs $449 and you will incur $279 for the upgrade.

Unlike its predecessor Office 2003, Office 2007 offers new file formats which come with numerous advantages. Office 2007 offers XML-based Open XML file formats for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. These formats offer numerous benefits including more compact size which means that the files are compressed to allow more severability. They also ensure that there is less corrupt files. The file components are stored as separate entities and therefore when one file is destroyed, the other files are safe.

Office 2007 interface is redesigned to ensure that the applications are easily navigated. Office 2007 comes with a fluent user interface which is designed to accomplish some profuselyarrogant design goals. The menus that were originally in Office 2003 are replaced by Ribbons.

In conclusion, I must admit that Microsoft Office 2007 is way better than Microsoft Office 2003. All the applications in Office 2007 are advanced. Talk about Excel 2007 which is now easy to use with many more features that couldn’t be found in Excel 2003. Word 2007 is now capable of using paragraph styles which are very easy to deal with.

Wrapping it Up!

I hope after reading this comparison you have understood why Microsoft Office 2007 is better than Office 2003.


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