Top SMS Integrations That Your Business Must Have

Many marketing techniques are based on complicated tools that enhance consumer service and simplify communication while generating leads. Including SMS marketing in your marketing mix could look overwhelming, don’t fear you can get good results in SMS integrations.

After you integrate new functions to the tools you utilize already, you could blend datasets and optimize methods for driving the best business effects. For ensuring your SMS marketing campaigns drive well into the market,

Think of these top SMS integrations.

OTT SMS Integrations

Over-the-top messaging work on the data channels than the SMS channels and is growing more outstanding. App integrations need to involve WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple business chat, and Google’s Business Messages.

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For instance, more than a billion messages are delivered to companies and customers over Facebook Messenger monthly. Much more consumers are likely to reach the companies through the maps and search results utilizing Apple business chat or Google’s Business Messages. Consumers like to SMS businesses through the most comfortable app, which is why companies need to text messaging platforms that benefit multiple messaging platforms. These channels offer an inbox for the OTT and SMS messages, productivity characteristics such as scheduled messages, reminders, and shared inboxes, and enterprise-grade executive controls.

E-commerce integration

If the companies run over e-commerce channels such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommenrce, incorporating SMS could support you to improve the bottom line. This integration accesses people to send cart abandonment notifications, SMS marketing campaigns, along with delivery and shipping confirmations to your consumer’s mobile.

Mobile Application SMS Integrations

People these days are on their mobiles daily. It is no surprise that more than 9 mobile applications are being launched daily on average. As these applications are very widely famous, your business likes to take care of business from them. App integrations involve the Android app in Google Play, and the Native IOS app in the App store comes under this category. So, make sure the business SMS messaging channel brings their application accessible over mobiles for on-the-go services. These mobile applications need to be native but not web-based for reliable service and quickly sync with the web-based desktop application. They should offer every user on the team their passwords and username for the security goals.

Payment and billing integrations

Stripe, Paypal, and otter billing apps proceed with what they can do for business. So, incorporating your SMS with the payment and billing tools could support you in case of any cash flow issue in your business. This kind of integration implies utilizing SMS to send invoice reminders, billing, and overdue notices.

Chat App SMS Integrations

Outstanding communication skills are the major stadium for every successful team. That is why companies started to put a lot of effort and money into these chats for the employees. Apps such as Slack SMS integration or Microsoft teams allow companies to receive and send SMS messages or monitor consumer support sales messages and operations without leaving the slack app. Moreover, consumers need not install these apps but can get normal Facebook messages or normal messages from the agents.

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Email-based Customer Service Platforms

Email-based apps such as Help Scout or zendesk are mainly used by companies to enhance their communications skills with their employees. Text messaging or business email need not be very competitive platforms as they work great together. A prominent company text messaging channel can be connected with the email-based consumer service channels such as Zendesk SMS integration for businesses or consumers to reply and read the messages to track chats or to check any consumer-facing emails from the agent interface

Productivity or calendar

Incorporating the calendar with the SMS channel implies that your consumers are not going to miss anything. That makes text messaging an ideal option for sending reminders, cancellations, or even appointment confirmations. Also, over 75% of millennials are likely to get SMS appointment reminders as they are super easy to remind them of any important things. So, whatever productivity or calendar apps you use, such as Google Calendar, you can easily integrate it with an SMS gateway.

SMS integrations access you to make much from what you’ve got, which even brings onboard recent functionalities. If you are too serious regarding SMS marketing, you can not easily pass the developer-built integrations without trying them.

Making your integrations work harmoniously, deemed automated and responsive SMS Gateway systems such as Guni SMS. Guni SMS is the leading SMS texting service that supports SMS integration with popular CRM channels, such as Zapier, Zoho and HubSpot, Agile CRM. Shopify integration such as Shopify,

WooCommerce can also easily do with Guni SMS. You can schedule messages, automate them, and can use our free SMS templates. With sign-up, you get free 20 SMS texts so you can try how it works for your bus. With Guni SMS, enhancing your business channels is not as tough as before. Contact Guni SMS today.


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