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6 effective steps to create YouTube videos for brand

6 effective steps to create a YouTube videos for brand

Brands receive the highest degree of exposure through relevant videos and excellent SEO strategies. The YouTube algorithm is a user-friendly advertiser. It records the viewer preference by the fully watched liked or saved videos.

They suggest and recommend the user ads to viewers to promote YouTube videos. It is a sure path to target the audience with the hope of securing leads who might become your potential customer.

This blog is a complete guide to creating a youtube video for your brand.

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How to Make a YouTube Video

Videos are an effective way to increase consumer awareness for your brand. The problem for startups and self-funded entrepreneurs is how to make YouTube Videos with a small budget.

Small Beginnings

If you don’t have a sizeable budget, start small. You only need two individuals; A narrator, and that can be you and a videographer. The video might not have the touch of professionals, but you can make it interesting enough to draw recognition to your brand. Start with tutorials and video content for social media.

Once you acquire customers, your budget will grow you can hire an entire crew of professionals. Use their creativity but implement your vision and goals. Have your marketing team and creative heads evaluate the advertising agency’s pitches to ensure that they best promote your brand.

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Organize the Shoot

A well-strategized shoot saves both time and money. Plan every little detail from the script to the shot list. That will help in shooting what you need. That could even help you wrap up the whole shoot within a day and give you time to shoot extra footage. It will come in handy to use at fillers while editing. 

So that you don’t miss out on anything that could ruin the shoot, here’s a checklist:

  • Fix a budget for the shoot.
  • Identify your goal for the video; Set the performance indicators.
  • Identify the audience you intend to target.
  • Generate a storyboard with a planned outline and layout. It should detail how the video should look.
  • Project your concept, color, vibes of the location, and lighting moods with mood boards.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts by setting them up well in advance with the cast.
  • Refer to the mood boards to find the right location and the look that suits to reflect the mood.
  • Organize a shot list to make sure you don’t miss any shots.

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Customize the Content to Attract Viewers on YouTube 

Influencers flood Youtube with video content. To stand out among many, you must create videos to suit viewer preference. How will you decide on the preferred type of content? Here below is a list of popular video content formats. Frame your content accordingly to ensure maximum views.

Product Reviews

Buyers prefer looking at product reviews before buying them. They like to see how it works and hear the feedback from users.

How-to Videos

The channel with how-to videos has the maximum subscriptions. These educate as well as demonstrate its effectiveness.


People prefer watching a video to reading a blog; it is easy to retain too. Brands who resort to both blogs and vlogs to promote their product noted that the vlogs got them more leads than blogs.

Comedy Videos

Comedy videos are what people need to unwind after a long stressful day. If your video can make people laugh, it is sure to achieve viral status. 

Haul Videos

These videos show individuals talking about stuff that they bought. You get a peek into their lives and learn the latest trends. These are much-watched on YouTube.

Tag Videos

Make a tag video depicting your brand. Add keywords and relevant metadata to make it easy for your audience to find them. Such videos encourage viewers to continue watching.

Add Subtitles 

People like to invest their time watching videos in public places or at work. They prefer watching them without sound. Add layover text or subtitles so that they can follow the video with raising the volume.

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Promote YouTube Videos

After watching a video, viewers look for other videos to entertain them. They either go to the homepage or look for suggestions on the sidebar. But you must aim to retain them on your channel to watch more of your brand videos. How do you do that? The most effective way of doing it is with a YouTube end screen.

The end screen feature (also called endslate or end card) appears in the final 5-20 seconds of your video. Creators use it as a hook to promote their merchandise, websites, playlists, and videos. 

An attractive endslate will encourage the viewer to continue watching the next thing you display instead of going to suggestions to find something worth watching.

YouTube Analytics

You can calculate brand success by looking at YouTube analytics and measuring metrics. It thus becomes necessary to know what your competitors are doing. YouTube competitor analysis is an excellent tool to note your video’s performance and that of the competitor. The information is useful— to make more compelling videos.

YouTube Analytics for your Brand

It tells you how well your videos are doing and who your audience is. The metrics measure the performance of your video in particular and your channel as a whole.

YouTube Analytics for Competitor Analysis

You can compare your video content with that of the competitor, depending on the metrics you track. It shows you’re a clear picture of your standing in comparison with your competitor. It monitors your competitor’s performance to show the areas where you lack.

Here’s how competitor analysis helps your brand:

  • It identifies and indicates the new trends in your niche.
  • It shows how well-connected you are with your audience.
  • It helps in recognizing the areas that need improvement.

Identify your competitors on YouTube, analyze their content, check their metrics and viewer response for competitor analysis.


Youtube is a high traffic website. YouTube videos have more views than any other site. Now that you have learned the trick to make efficient brand videos, ensure your brand presence—promote youtube videos.


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