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Know how much it costs to create a Taxi booking App

Taxi booking App

Hailing a cab has never been easier. Mobile applications have given taxi customers a plethora of options to choose from. Taxi businesses are increasingly preferring to take the app route to provide services. Know how much it costs to create a taxi-booking mobile app like Uber.

Mobile applications have been around for a while now. In the past, they could only be used to perform offline tasks with limited functionalities. When mobile phone technology advanced rapidly along with the advent of accessible fast internet speeds, applications took up an entirely new form. Today, apps flaunt a gamut of operations that they can perform.

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According to Statista, global mobile app revenues reached over $365 billion dollars in 2018. On-demand taxi booking apps were and still are large contributors to the massive revenue being generated by applications every year. The popularity of taxi apps is primarily attributed to its ease-of-use. A customer that requires a cab is given a wide range of options to choose from, such as – the type of cab, the time at which it is required, ride-sharing options and multiple modes of payment.

On-demand cab booking apps have become an indomitable necessity for cab businesses. The likes of Uber and Ola, who have ensconced themselves as leading taxi aggregators have become quintessential business models. They have inspired entrepreneurs with their profitability to follow them in order to learn and match the current market’s standards. The need for taxi apps has boomed over the years, and there is no shortage of taxi app developers.

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What makes up an App like Uber

App stores are riddled with innumerous taxi booking apps. We only use the top-ranked and reputed ones. In order to create a successful taxi aggregator app like Uber, it is imperative to know its essential features.

An industry-standard taxi booking app must have three specialized variations for three different types of users. They are the customer, the driver, and the administrator. Each of them has a set of unique features that cater to their roles. They are-

The Customer Panel

  • Login – Customers are prompted to sign in or sign up to an account. An account can save various details of the customer such as locations and payment details.
  • Setting Location – The pick-up and drop location can be set either from saved locations on the map or it can be set manually on the map.
  • Ride Choice – Customers can choose a cab type that would suit their requirements. Different cabs have different capabilities such as seating type and premium services.
  • Schedule Ride– Cabs can be booked immediately or can be scheduled for a later time.
  • Booking Details – Customers can view driver details and location on the application.
  • Modes of Payment – Customers are given the option to choose from a list of payment options. They can pay via cash, debit/credit cards or via mobile wallets.
  • Push Notifications – Up-to-date alerts on ride status are sent to customers through the app or through SMSs.
  • Ride Summary – A summary of the trip which includes details like the distance traveled, ride cost, etc. is displayed.
  • Driver Feedback – Customers are prompted to give a rating/feedback about their ride experience. This rating helps the taxi business to determine the quality of their cabs and drivers. The feedback feature reveals any fallacies in the service that can be improved upon.

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The Driver Panel

  • Registration – Drivers are required to register their vehicles with the taxi business. Upon validation, taxi drivers can begin accepting trips.
  • Login – Signing in or signing up is prompted as a measure to create or retrieve accounts.
  • Navigation – A map is displayed in the app which shows drivers their whereabouts and displays the most economical routes to pick up and drop their customers.
  • Alerts – Drivers are notified about new cab bookings made in their regions which they can accept or reject. Upon accepting, they can view the driver’s details – name and contact details.
  • Push Notifications – Notifications helps drivers know the status of their trips.
  • Ride Summary – At the end of a trip, drivers can view the trip’s report. It displays information on how much they’ve earned and what their ratings stand at.

The Administrator Panel

  • Dashboard – The dashboard gives admins a bird’s eye view of all the ongoing processes in the taxi app. This is an important feature that taxi app development companies focus on. The number of rides, its histories, revenue earned, feedback and ratings can be viewed through this feature.
  • Content Management – Admins can change and update content. It is a crucial feature to keep the app updated with the market’s standards and also to keep users engaged.
  • Manage Customers – The large database of registered customers can be viewed and managed with this feature. Admins can choose to send notifications of any kind related to the service to an individual, group or all of their customers.

How much it costs to develop a taxi app

Taxi app development costs vary according to 3 major factors.

The region in which the app is created

Developers from North America charge $60 – $250 per hour.

Developers from Europe charge $40 – $120 per hour.

India offers the lowest app development charges that range between $10 – $80 per hour.

The number of features the app will have

The functionalities and the number of features the app will have is a determinant of the costs it will incur to be developed. The more the number of features, the more time it will take to develop them and therefore the higher the price.

Type of Creation

The type of solution used to create the app is a huge decider of how much the app will cost. A whitelabel solution drastically cuts down the cost of developing an app as opposed to the high costs of developing an app from scratch.

The cost of a cab booking app will cost anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000. An Uber-like app with a wide range of features can cost up to $150,000.

Tailor-made solutions for all your taxi app needs. Right from app development to marketing, we’ve got you covered.

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