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Factors caused by infertility in India are different?

caused by infertility in India

There are some medical questions that are unique to this part of the world. For example, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD) is common in India, Dubai and other Gulf countries, but you can find it with women in America and Europe. I think this is because of a genetic factor. Women suffering from PCOD often struggle to describe themselves and require supported technologies.

How did IVF change over the years?

IVF for infertility

The main technology remains the same. The process involves taking eggs from the woman’s ovary, fertilizing them outside their bodies in a human-made lab and then reimplanting the embryos in their bodies.
But the quality of the drugs used to stimulate the egg sticks has been dramatically improved.

These drugs help in getting better eggs, leading to better embryos. It improves the chances of successful pregnancy. I started taking IVF in the 1980s, during this time the average pregnancy rate was 15 percent, now increased to 40 percent.

However, the age of the woman is an important factor. The victory success was high in the 1930s and appeared in the 40s.

Also, another important aspect that has changed for good 40 years back, people do not accept that a person can also suffer from infertility, forget about treatment.

But now they come to us as a couple and open to treatment.

How does fertility affect?

Our eating and drinking while we are living have a tremendous impact on our reproductive health. Increasing obesity has implications for fertility. Processed food is bad for health. There are various types of stress-health, related, work-related and health-related people.

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I also observed that drinking alcohol greatly affects the quality of eggs in women. Women who drink alcohol every day, though only a glass, have low-quality eggs.

Recently, commercial surrogacy was banned in India. How is surrogacy for reproductive technology help?

The area of Surrogacy is recommended under certain conditions. This is the only solution when a woman has trouble carrying a child to her womb. But unfortunately, this has become a common form of treatment in India. I have the feeling that it is exaggerated.

People who do not understand is that a child is not only important because one wants to be a parent. It is also important that a woman is subjected to all the physiological, psychological and hormonal changes she makes during her pregnancy. Pregnancy is important for your health.

What are the challenges of being a specialist in infertility?

Fertility has a social, psychological and emotional aspect. A child is very important for a couple. Thus, the study of the technique is not enough, you need to learn about dealing with other aspects of the treatment.
I am a junior doctor if I need to do a year’s research on infertility. I traveled a lot for this research and collected many examples of couples who suffer from infertility. My experiences in this year are interested in me.
There is nothing more fun than helping a woman and giving birth to a healthy child. I was 24 when a woman came to me in her early 30s. She tried to have a child. I treated them with some medicines and they designed the twins. Very enjoyable But the hard part of my job is to tell a couple that they will not have a job.

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