Interesting and Solid Facts of Outdoor Advertising You probably do not Know About

There is not much innovation or changing outdoor advertising for the past few years. However, this sector is likely to receive more attention due to exciting innovation and transformation related to the implementation of new technologies.

The improvement of technology helps the industry to understand the people’s shopping culture and interest. This includes the type of mobile apps people are using, the retail shop they are visiting, and much more. All these facts give a fair idea on the people’s behavioral nature to support the outdoor advertising.

Facts of outdoor advertising

With the massive growth of online advertising, outdoor advertising still have the power for branding, creating influence and awareness. The outdoor advertising is also referred to as Out of Home or OOH advertisement. The main notion this type of advertising is still in demand is that people tend to spend their time outside the house. That is why the outdoor advertisement has the power to reach more active customers.

Speaking of outdoor advertisement, most people will automatically think of the billboard. However, the outdoor advertisement is actually broader than that. Think of taxi advertising Canada, phone booth, trains, buses, shopping centers, and more. Here are some facts of outdoor advertisement that you probably do not know about.

Guaranteed visibility

The first fact of outdoor advertisement is that it guaranteed visibility. The proper size of an advertisement placed in a strategic location, you can expect nothing more than massive visibility for people. Besides visibility, the outdoor advertisement is also accessible 24 hours a week. As long as the advertisement stays on the display, people will see it every day. The repetitive exposure gives lots of advantages that you can imagine.

Real persuasive power

Who says that outdoor advertisement is out of date? According to a study, around 72% of consumers who see the outdoor advertisement in the past 30 minutes are likely to look up for more information about the brand or product advertised. Another 59% of consumers say that seeing the outdoor advertisement increases the probability to purchase the products.

Lowest cost

Compared to another type of advertisement, the outdoor advertisement is considered to have a lower cost per thousand. This means that outdoor advertisement has 80% lower cost than newspaper and television advertising and 50% less than radio advertising.

Choice of location

Given the right location, the outdoor advertisement can draw a mass of attention. Think of any strategic locations such as major roads, transit areas, close to shopping center, and probably you can also put up an advertisement near your competitors.

Types of Outdoor Advertisement

Most people will think of billboard when it comes to outdoor advertisement. However, the outdoor advertisement has lots of forms to suit different advertising needs. One of the most effective outdoor advertisements is that taxi advertising.

Taxi advertisement is differentiated into two types which are traditional taxi top ads and Digital taxi top ads. As the country grows bigger, so has the commuting. It cannot be stopped that people become more mobile due to centralization and urbanization of economic activities. The fact is people spend more time commuting from home to office than stay at home. In everyday commute, it is no surprise to get caught in traffic and distance.

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The good side of Taxi advertising

All these transportation networks work hard, but you can expect a taxi to work harder than the rest. As an advertisement media, you can say that taxi is a hardworking mobile billboard. It reaches places that other outdoor advertisement cannot reach. Besides mobility, taxi also has high frequency according to its route and make sure the advertisement has high visibility and repetitive notice. Here is some good side of taxi advertising that you should know.

  • Geographical target: When it comes to advertising, the geographical target is critical. You surely do not want the message in the advertisement goes to the wrong consumer group. However, taxi goes deep into both urban and rural area. Branding can get a long exposure as far as the taxi go. Combine this with the vibrant outdoor advertisement; imagine how many consumers to attract.
  • The target: Taxi advertisement main target is the active commuters. Most the taxi commuters are workers who are also household purchase makers.
  • No turn-off: You know that most people change the TV or radio channel when there is an advertisement. And how many people do you think actually read the advertisement section in the newspaper? But, when you get in a taxi, there is no way to turn off the advertisement. The advertisement will be staying there as long as possible.
  • Generates brand awareness: Since outdoor advertising Canada target the right consumer group, the branding effect is impactful. It generates mass brand awareness as long as the commute route and gives lots of people chance to see the advertisement.

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