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Outdoor Advertising – Types and How Canadian Do It

outdoor advertisement in Canada

These days, it can be quite hard to catch people attention of advertisement. We all see numerous kinds of advertisements on a daily basis, but there is no chance people will actually recall those ads. That is why doing the right advertising is critical, or it simply goes a waster.

Advertising for the past few years has evolved due to the development of technology. While people get crazy for other types of advertisement, they think that the outdoor advertisement is out of date. However, compared to other types of advertisement, the outdoor advertisement is still considered as one of the most effective options.

What is an outdoor advertisement?

The outdoor advertisement, or also known as out of home advertising is translated as any advertising types that reach customers when they are outside of the home. The outdoor advertisement should be placed outdoor and outside the house. This type of advertisement is classified as a mass-medium advertisement similar to an advertisement on TV, radio, broadcast, and cinema advertising.

outdoor advertisement Creative ideas

The outdoor advertisement is divided into two types which are a static and mobile advertisement. Static advertisement, including billboards, can be an effective way to capitalize on a certain area, but the number of viewers is quite limited.

Different from static advertisement, the Outdoor advertising Canada also provides another option. The vehicle advertising is considered more effective as it reaches more viewers. The outdoor advertisement presents in the form of printed graphic and texts placed in the side of the vehicle or it can also in form of a vinyl wrap that covers the body of a vehicle.

The best thing about mobile advertisement is it offers broad exposure. Mobile outdoor advertisements cover taxi, bus, taxi, van, and other types of transportation are constantly moving. So, it can reach more people in wider areas. The main purpose of this advertisement is to increase brand awareness as well as reach a wider exposure.

Types of outdoor advertisement

In Canada, there are lots of outdoor advertisement options available. The option is ranging from static to mobile outdoor advertisement. Here are some types of mobile outdoor advertisement that most people prefer to use in Canada.

Digital truck advertisement

The digital truck advertisement, also known as digital mobile billboard truck, is a kind of standard box truck with a digital screen on 2 or 3 sides. Through this way, advertisers can display more than 1 digital advertisement in the rotation to promote certain brands, events, or products.

The Digital Truck Ads are a very effective advertisement and have high recall rates. Compared to the static billboard advertisement, the digital truck advertisement generates more attention. The good thing about this advertisement is that the truck can be tracked. So, the advertiser can analyze the call to action message and see if the truck advertisement is actually effective or not.

Taxi advertising

When it comes to mobile advertisement, there is no better choice than taxi advertising Canada. As one of the heavily populated country, many people use a taxi in the daily commute. Taxi advertisement delivers an eye-level impression at any time. It adds frequency to the advertisement message and continues to move even in the middle of a traffic jam.

There are two types of taxi advertising which are full livery and super sides. The full livery advertisement is in form of vinyl that wraps the whole taxi. On the other hand, the super sides taxi advertising only uses the side, mostly the door side, to display advertisement.

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The best thing about taxi advertising is it reached mass audiences both in a rural and urban area. The advertisement will also be displayed for 24/7 nonstop. Imagine how much people will see the advertisement displayed in a taxi 24/7.

Sailboats advertising

Sailboat advertising is considered a new type of mobile outdoor advertising. The main purpose is similar to taxi advertising, but Sailboat Ads target people on the beaches. You can easily find this type of advertisement on some beaches in Canada. The advertisement gets more and more popular during the summer time. Even though the yacht does not currently sail, the advertisement will be still displayed on the offshore.

Aerial Advertising

The Aerial Advertising is another type of mobile advertising that incorporates the use of aerial devices such as drones, manned aircraft, balloons, blimps, and more. The media of aerial advertisement can be static which includes a logo, banner, sponsorship branding, and such. However, the advertisement does not limit to the static type only because there are also audio ads, skywriting, and animated lighted signage.

The aerial advertisement is a great option to catch a large audience who are gathered close to the advertising area. Each type of aerial advertisement is not the same in term or target place and audience.

However, it is important to notice the regulations for flying aerial devices because such advertisement is strictly regulated by the government for the sake of safety.

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