Keratin treatment – Composition, uses, benefits and best services in Australia

Keratin treatment in Australia

A keratin treatment is a cosmetic product that is used for hair straightening. It is also known as Brazilian keratin treatment or a “Brazilian blowout.”

The products are used to straighten naturally wavy and curly hair while also making them smoother. The products are also believed to remove hair frizz and improve the color and shine, making the hair appear healthier. 

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Keratin treatments are a popular choice, and they are also used by people regularly. Although it is advised to undergo the treatment once in a while, continuous exposure can lead to hair damage.

What is Keratin treatment? 

Keratin is a naturally occurring type of protein that exists in human hair, nail, and skin. The protein is the building block of the fibers that make hair stronger. 

Keratin treatments often comprise of a chemical that is called formaldehyde. It is a colorless gas with a powerful smell. The gas is often present in laboratories and funeral homes near the preserving fluid, although the treatment percentage is lower.

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A study proved that the products comprised of 0.96 – 1.4 percent of the formaldehyde levels. It is believed to be five times higher than the recommended safety levels of 0.2 percent. Although it is safe, however, it could raise potential health risks, so if you have any specific medical issue, you should consult your doctor before using the treatment.

Benefits of keratin treatment 

There are various benefits of keratin treatment, and it depends on the texture of your hair and its type. It also depends on hair health and its thickness. So, various types of keratin treatments might provide different outcomes.

Generally, Keratin treatment works by:-

  • Helping your hair look smoother and thicker
  • Making the hair appear straighter 
  • It makes your hair a lot more manageable
  • It fills in the gaps within the proteins of every hair strand
  • It levels down your hair

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Best Keratin in Melbourne

To avail the best keratin services treatments in Melbourne, you need to choose the right salon. Numerous facilities offer top quality services. 

The following are the things that you should always look out for in a saloon before going for a keratin treatment:-

  • Overcharging: – Certain hair parlors are known for overcharging. You need to be aware of any scammers as generally, the prices of the products remain similar across the country. The service and application duties may vary
  • Expertise: – Although Keratin treatment is a popular choice, you need to choose an expert in the field. It is essential because many hairdressers fail to apply the product correctly, resulting in the desired effects appearing properly or vanishing too soon. 
  • Best quality products: – The product quality is another thing that needs to be checked before the treatment starts. Goldwell and Cezanne keratin treatments are often considered the best choice.
  • Non-greasy results: – Some keratin treatments leave your hair oily and lumpy. It’s a big downside, so you need to ensure that the products leave your hair in a healthy glowing state while ensuring that they remain oil-stick-free. 


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