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Lazy Leadership – 6 Destructive Habits All Leaders Should Avoid

We’re all human. And, by definition, humans make mistakes. However, errors that occur repeatedly become bad habits, which can be hard to break. In a leadership role, bad habits can undermine your authority and cause your employees to lose respect for you. If you’re privileged to find yourself in a position of responsibility.

Six Destructive Habits All Leaders Should Avoid

Not Recognizing Hard Work

Recognizing employees for their hard work not only boosts morale, but it also motivates them to do more. When a leader fails to acknowledge a worker for a job well done publicly, it’s just plain bad manners. 

Any form of recognition, from the simple pat on the back to the giving of corporate gifts to acknowledge a job well done, should be a part of how you interact with your staff. It’s crucial to express your gratitude for all they do regularly, so they continue to feel important and appreciated. 

Being Too Emotional

Emotions are a part of everyday life. However, as a leader, you need to keep your emotions in check when dealing with your employees. If you lose your composure and yell at your workers, they may hesitate to come to you with ideas or problems. 

Instead, you, please try to keep a level head and deal rationally with issues that arise in the workplace. Be open-minded when staff members approach you with their ideas or problems and do your best to address them calmly and authoritatively so that everyone feels valued. 

Being Constantly Negative

Negativity kills productivity quickly. If you’re frequently sarcastic or critical, it can only lead to an air of antagonism. You may think you’re funny or witty. However, ultimately, your negativity will hinder your workers’ ability to perform at their peak. 

Instead, build your employees up with positivity and encouragement. Acknowledge exceptional performance and save criticism for a private conversation in your office rather than in front of other workers. Always discuss actions and never pick on the person. 

Unable to Make Decisions

One of the most vital qualities any leader can possess is the ability to make decisions. Indecisiveness not only stalls productivity, but it also leads to ineffective leadership

If you are in a leadership role, trust your instincts, trust yourself, and keep finding the drive to forge ahead. After all, your employees want to be able to respect you and look to you for guidance. 

Blaming Other People

Nobody likes to be at fault when things don’t turn out as planned. Nevertheless, a leader, you must take responsibility for your actions as well as those of your employees.

They are shifting blame when bad things that happen is easy. However, it takes a real leader to stand up and take responsibility when times are tough. Your employees and other business owners will respect you more when they see you have integrity even when the chips are down. 

Taking All the Credit

Conversely, it should stand to reason that when things go right, a leader gets the credit, right? Unfortunately, taking all the credit for a job well done isn’t what a good leader does. Instead, a good leader acknowledges the team who worked together to create a positive outcome. 

When you step aside and allow your staff to share the spotlight with you, you’ll find they’ll be motivated to work harder for you. In the long run, the boost in morale and productivity will be a better reward than hogging the spotlight could ever be. 

If you’re in a leadership role, try to avoid these six behaviours if you want to create a cohesive and productive team environment.

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