How On-demand Taxi App Can Grow Your Taxi Business in Malaysia

About some three decades ago, if we want to talk about the South East Asian country called Malaysia, people would visualize the vast expanses of rice fields and people with very Asian features farming in those farmlands. Today, Malaysia stands in stark contrast to the image that was a few decades ago. Boasting of one of the tallest structures in the world, Malaysia is an important epicenter of trade, commerce, technology, and innovation.

This transformation of Malaysia can only be attributed to the welcoming nature of people who were ready to accept the technological advancements that made life easier for them. Even today, assembling mobile phones is a cottage industry in Malaysia. All these changes in Malaysia have brought a lot of global innovations to this South Asian country.

One such innovation is the on-demand taxi booking application. It was started in 2009 in the San Francisco area by Uber. Today, it has spread across the entire world.

Just like most places, Malaysia has also shown its fair share of challenges when it comes to accommodating a new way of life in taxi booking. Today, the tables have turned. The cab services that do not use the on-demand option have a big risk of losing their business.

What is it that caused this transformation in Malaysia?

What are the things that a classical cab service is likely to lose if they don’t get into the on-demand realm?

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Let us read on to find out-

Missing Out On Visibility

We have to admit it! until this cab booking applications came in, you could book a cab only when you see it or by connecting to an agent who will again have a tough time coordinating with the cab drivers in your area. This puts a heavy toll on both the users and the cab drivers. They might be within a few meters of each other’s reach, but they will not be able to connect with each other.

If you are cab service does not jump into the on-demand bandwagon, you are quite likely to lose out on visibility.

Keeping The Brand Confined To Offline Spaces

The visibility of a cab is not just about booking. It also transcends into the territory of brand building. A brand is as powerful as its spread and its reach. With online media becoming the main source of mass communication and online brand is quite likely to pick businesses from these platforms than an offline business.

Would it not be easier to click an ad and launch the app straightaway than to click an ad, note the phone number, open the phone app, dial the number, talk to representative and figure out the cab and after all of this, co-ordinate with the driver in informing your location?

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Lack of Efficiency

The last point of the previous topic explains how complex and cumbersome it is to book a cab in the offline space and to get the cab to come to your location. This results in a lot of time and money being lost. The driver might be a street or two away from your location but might get confused. This results in a negative brand image that might not translate into good business.

On-demand cab services, with the GPS and the map services, offer at most efficiency in the entire process of cab booking.

Reduced User-Delight

Information Is something that uses find quite delightful. notifications about the cab getting booked and the driver getting closer might not be big bits of information but it still means a lot to a user. These bits of information can be made available only on on-demand taxi booking apps.

Also, taxi booking applications can have offers and discounts running for regular cab users. Maintaining user records might not be an easy task to do in an offline cab agency.

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Inefficient Ride-Routing

Here is something for the driver as well! In the on-demand spectrum of services, The Last Ride of the day for a driver has a very good chance that it is routed towards their home. This might not happen in the offline booking service.

Lack of Rating Systems To Pep Up Your Pride!

In an offline cab operating service, you could have been the most efficient driver who knew the route in and out. You might have reached the passengers safely to their destination avoiding all the bad roads. However, for all these lovely acts of yours, you will not get rewarded in any way.

When it comes to on-demand cab booking, the review and rating system not only helps give a star rating for you but also gives space to find out which of the aspects you’re good at. All these little things might factor in your payments as well.

The Gap

All these little bits of inefficiencies have resulted in creating a huge market for cab services that provide value in Malaysia. There is no question that people of Malaysia need to come here to different places. The presence of places like Penang and Kuala Lumpur only widens these opportunities.

An on-demand taxi application can give a lot of advantages to the user and the business.

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Better Service

It is surely a thing off the light for the user when they request a cab and it stands waiting for them at their doorstep. It is quite contrary to the frustration that is caused by a user hunting for a cab and to be met with disappointment if the cab driver does not consent to take them to their preferred destination.

On-demand cab services can reverse this equation by putting the customer first again.

Better Pricing

Malaysians are sure to understand that ‘better’ does not always equal to ‘cheap’ –  they know that cost and value are two different things. Even if we were to pay for surge pricing, it is quite assured that the prices are transparent.

What is better is that if they know their destination, they can be shown the price even before the journey starts. Incorporating the benefits of technologies like GPS and the live traffic updates, the prices take into consideration, a host of factors before being displayed to the user.

Better Choices

The review and rating system that is made available on this application ensures that deserving drivers get rewards and recognition. The same goes for passengers as well. This would mean that the passengers and the drivers have the power to rate and review each other at the end of every trip.

This translates into better behavior by passengers inside the cabin and better quality of service by the drivers when they offer a ride.

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Malaysia is developing both as a market and as an elevator. It is high time that the people of Malaysia experienced Quality Services in everything and it includes tabs as well.

If you would like to be the person who innovates on-demand cabs in Malaysia, Technology will not be a hassle for you. With the services of INORU, it will be a breeze to launch your cab booking service in Malaysia in a very short time. All you need to do is get in touch with our team of experts and they will guide you through all the steps involved in creating the perfect app for you.

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