Techniques to Clean the Appliances During COVID-19

Techniques to Clean the Appliances During COVID-19

We all are spending maximum time within house premises. Most of us are using our appliances more than ever before. Does that mean we should change our techniques to clean them? All the leading health organizations are suggesting appliance cleaning with safe chemicals.

Thanks to technology, Now, we can read and understand the latest guideline provided to us. In these times of stress, it is great to have some reliable source of information to look for.

Let us look at some cleaning guidelines for high touch appliances in our home adapted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Examples include our mobiles, computers, TV screens, washer, refrigerator, and printers.

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Proper cleaning and maintenance help you avoid calling affordable refrigerator repair in Midlothian , VA. Letting strangers in your house poses a risk of transmission.

Use Soft ClothThe high touch screens at your home need to be cleaned with soft fabrics in the dynamic environment. The surfaces can get scratched easily, affecting the viewing experience. Screens scratches may also put additional burden on your eye muscles. Use any lint-free cloth such as cloth made from microfiber or a cleaning wipe.

Avoid Excessive Wiping

If you were thinking of submerging the smaller items in the cleanser, it is a bad idea. Use the recommended cloth type or wipe to wipe the surfaces gently. If multiple people use the screens, use a disinfectant wipe to clean the surface daily. Avoid excessive and or abrasive wiping as it may damage the appliance.

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Unplug Appliances Before Cleaning

Please make sure the appliances are unplugged before you clean them.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaner

It is encouraged to disinfect your appliances, but you should never use abrasive chemicals. It can lead to appliance damage, and you may need to hire professionals for repair. The cleaner that is suitable for your kitchen countertops may be too abrasive for the electronics in your home. One of the most commonly mistaken cleaners is bleach. Avoid using it for electronics.

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Don’t Spray Directly

Never spray the chemical on to the appliance directly. The droplets may reach the crevices, find a way to the circuits, and damage them. Spray the germ cleaner on the fabric and then wipe the surfaces. Make sure you are letting it stay there for a few minutes before wiping excess of droplets. Read about the recommended contact time.

Let It Dry

Please don’t rush in using the appliances after you have cleaned it. Let them dry properly. The moisture can damage the devices. For example, moisture around the refrigerator switch may cause it to short circuit and you are left with no other option than hiring refrigerator repair.

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A lot of appliance repair companies are following the SOPs provided by the governing bodies and offering the repair services. Despite every effort at their end, you should be extra careful.

Use Approved Disinfectants

Use a Clorox disinfectant wipe or a wipe containing 70% alcohol, gently wipe the hard, nonporous surface of the item.

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