What Are the Covid-19 Rules on Weddings?

What Are the Covid-19 Rules on Weddings

Indians are known everywhere the planet for The Big Fat Indian Wedding Celebration where two families (rather than just two individuals) come together with a cacophony of their loved ones to make the union of the couple blissful and memorable. And rightly so, because these celebrations bring together people from all over the world to create moments that remain in our memories for an extended time.

Every couple imagines their wedding celebration to be a dreamy affair full of fun and laughter with a huge gathering of friends, family, cousins and neighbours. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a ruthless full stop to these kinds of weddings in India due to the social distancing norms.

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Weddings now are set to be different from redefined hygiene norms. Even event planners will have to adjust to this “new normal” and train their staff to adopt a more holistic approach for everyone’s safety. Conducting a wedding in such circumstances is still possible if you keep in mind the following rules:

Covid-19 Rules on Weddings?

  • The usual guest list must be cut down significantly since you can now have a small traditional wedding with only a limited guest list. According to the new guidelines, the number of guests cannot exceed 50, apart from 10 service providers like the wedding photographer, hairdressers, caterer etc.
  • Everyone must be wearing a face mask to ensure safety from airborne infections; even the bride and groom. Everyone involved in the wedding must maintain 1m social distance from everyone else at all times.
  • Temperature checks with a thermal scanner must be diligently done for each and everyone at the entrance of the venue including the hosts, the vendors, the wedding photographer, as well as every guest attending the wedding. Nowadays, many venue owners provide a thermal screening set up to ensure high sanitation levels.
  • Pregnant women, children (under 10 years of age) and senior citizens are not allowed to attend any wedding event. Those from containment zones are strictly prohibited from attending any wedding as they pose a grave threat to everyone they may come in contact with.
  • It is advisable to opt for larger venues to maintain distance between guests. Marriages are not allowed in air-conditioned public halls since it increases chances of infection due to low ventilation. A venue with lots of fresh air and space out arrangements is ideal for everyone’s safety.
  • The wedding venue must be hygienic with sanitizers provided at the entrance and various stations for all guests. Spitting is prohibited.
  • It is advised to maintain a list of all guests along with their contact details. Every guest must have the Arogya Setu app installed in their phone and must have their Bluetooth on throughout the wedding.
  • Liquor or tobacco consumption is banned.
  • To abide by social distancing norms, guests must be seated at a distance from each other and interact with the bride and groom on a rotational basis.
  • No matter what the size of the wedding is, food is highly essential. Food preparations should be supervised at all times with extra caution by the caterers – right from the washing of raw materials to the final serving stage. Buffet style food service is discouraged. Seating arrangements should be widely spread out to avoid people running into each other. Another important method to be implemented in this scenario is to use disposable plates, bowls, spoons and glasses.
  • With social distancing being the new norm, people are being redirected to venture into more straightforward and intimate weddings instead of splurging lakhs of rupees on multiple events spanned over days and elaborate clothes and lavish meals. There is no food being wasted, no unnecessarily loud music and no disappointed guests. Just your loved one gathered together, celebrating your big day, showering their blessings on you and lots of unforgettable memories being captured by the wedding photographer. Isn’t this a better way after all?

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