The Best Online Courses to Take During Self-Isolation

5 Best Online Courses to Take During Self-Isolation

The coronavirus may be reshaping the educational system in many affected areas around the world, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from learning. 

In response to the isolation protocols of the government due to the ongoing health crisis, millions of students and workers are forced to stay at home. Now, the big question is, how can we continue to learn and develop new skills at home? 

Many schools and universities have never experienced this kind of disturbance before, which is why campus reopening in the absence of coronavirus vaccines becomes a debatable issue on whether or not school workers, parents and student are at risk. On a positive note, the Internet is giving learners the ability to keep on studying from the comfort of their homes.

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Now that most of us have been indoors — left with nothing much to do — it is a right time to ramp up our knowledge by exploring areas that we never got to when we were in school. With adequate access to the Internet, you can easily score various online courses available for free. 

Take note: these courses are not just for students but also for teachers, freelancers, remote workers, and those persons who have lost their jobs because of coronavirus. Who knows? This quarantine has been giving you lots of time to think about what you want to achieve in life. A career shift maybe? 

If that is the case, here are the best online courses that will help you expand your learning, improve the skill you’ve been into lately and even practice the art of earning extra on the side.

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5 Best Online Courses to Take During Self-Isolation

Introduction to Game Development

Are you a gamer whose quest is to find out how these mobile games are being created? Well, you can now learn the basics of game developing from your abode. 

Harvard is offering an online lecture that will introduce you to the principles of 2D and 3D animation, sound, and design of our favourite classic childhood games like Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, Angry Birds and many more. 

By the end of this structure, you will have understood the basic principles of developing interactive games and will have created your own games as well.

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Social Media Marketing Course

In these days, SMM is one of the best online course. The overwhelming upsurge of social media platforms has opened newfound doors to online business opportunities. If you are planning to turn your quarantine hobby into a startup that sells online, taking a social media marketing course can do wonders to your business. 

In this comprehensive training, students will learn the basic formula of effective and competent social media marketing. Check out our tips on how college students can start their own business

Architecture and Interior Design

Have you an eye for good design? Why not take this quarantine period as an opportunity to improve your design skills by enrolling to architecture and interior design courses online? Community quarantine is not likely to end any time soon, which means you are probably going to spend a few more time at home. 

By taking these courses, you can either apply what you have learnt to your home or sell out your designs to project home builders.  

Photoshop Training

If you want to enhance your photo-editing and graphic designing skills, taking Photoshop classes can help you save a career slot in the field of arts. Some people are merely watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, but if you want an official certificate upon completion, which you can use in job seeking, enrolling to an online class is a must.

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Basics of Vlogging

There is no doubt that vlogging is one of the highest-paying jobs these days. Anyone can be a vlogger if they want to, but success in this career doesn’t usually happen overnight. 

It would help if you learned the basics and strategies on how to create compelling contents that will help you gain and keep your audience to get paid. Good news, you can now enrol to several online courses that will introduce you to the basics of vlogging. 

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Hope you like this article, According to me, these are the best online courses. Please comment us your views about the same.

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