The Guide to Custom Mailer Boxes or subscription packaging box

A beautifully designed subscription packaging box can take your product and brand to the next level and make your subscribers ecstatic about their order. The size of an ideal subscription box should fit your products comfortably. But make sure your box isn’t too big that it will make your product swim or so small that your product can pop out at any given time.

On the whole, your packaging should look clean and organized. Pay heed to every detail, be it product placement or package design. To be precise, the feel and look of your subscription boxes matters as much as the product it carries.

It’s the first impression of your brand on new subscribers and an essential way to retain the existing customers. So choosing the right packaging boxes is key to winning the subscribers. If you are weighing your options to start a subscription service or already running one, here are some enticing subscription packaging boxes ideas that you may want to consider.

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Remember, every packaging box starts with materials. Here are some commonly used materials that are used to create bespoke subscription boxes.

Custom Mailer Boxes 

Custom mailer boxes are the best choice for subscription services. They are more rigid and more cumbersome than paperboard boxes. It makes them sturdy enough to keep your products safe during the shipping process. For this reason, custom mailer boxes are often recommended to e-commerce companies.

The Legacy Printing can help you create the perfect customer mailer box packaging for your subscription service, of course, with wide-ranging options on design elements, size, and quantity.

Fortunately, you don’t have to engage a graphic designer or pay for expensive design software. The packaging company offers free design services to its customers. Once you pick a design, the experts at the firm will bring your custom mailer boxes design to life with state-of-the-art equipment and best printing techniques.

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Shipping Boxes 

It’s an excellent choice if you are focusing on product protection. Crafted from corrugated material, the shipping boxes offer more mass and protection than mailer boxes.

And guess what? You can style them to your liking. Plus, there are options on size, quantity, and design. As always, you can take cues from different brands or products in other industries that are using shipping boxes to create unique packaging.

Folding Cartons

In contrast to shipping boxes, folding cartons are carved out of paperboard, which is a lightweight material. It’s a good option for general product packaging. Though paperboard folding cartons are ideal for packaging beauty and food items, they are not the first choice for subscription-based businesses.

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Sure, paperboard cartons are durable, but they aren’t ideal if you need them to go through the shipping process. It is suggested to opt for a more robust solution that can tolerate external hazards.

Padded Bubble Mailers 

These are generally heavy envelops that are lined with bubble padding. If your offerings are too small, this isn’t a perfect solution to pack your products.

You can use them to ship products like apparel because they do not require extra protection. While it’s a terrific way to cut your shipping costs, the packaging is highly susceptible. Besides, they do not have an exceptional design and don’t provide an extraordinary unboxing experience that custom boxes offer.

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If you are eager to create exquisite packaging, join forces with an established packaging company and create killer custom mailer boxes or subscription boxes to make the unboxing experience more memorable for the customers and sway them to return to your business in the future. Because unlike traditional packaging, a tailored box is designed around your needs and requirements.

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  • Mailer boxes wholesale tend to store any kind of material inside them. They are used to store many items, including skincare products, beauty related items, accessories, and many more. Therefore they must have the outlook that speaks for the product itself. They must have an attractive and eye-catching look.

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