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Home Hygiene – Tips To Maintain Good Hygiene In A Sharehouse

Let’s be honest here; share houses are pretty gross. No matter how clean you keep everything, you’re still sharing it with people who may or may not hold the same cleanliness standards you do (we’re looking at your housemate who always leaves their underwear on the bathroom floor).

It can feel like keeping things nice is a never-ending uphill battle, and you’ll often end up wondering if you have a “maid” written across your forehead. Luckily, we’ve got some tips that are about to make your life a whole lot easier (and your household more hygienic).

4 Tips to Maintain Good Hygiene

Cleanliness In The Kitchen 

The kitchen is arguably the most challenging place in which to maintain good hygiene. Everyone touches everything, and you all share the same utensils. If you live with those who like to leave their mess in the sink for you, investing in separate cookware sets could be the way to go. Yes, the rest of the kitchen may still end up gross, and you’ll probably still have to clean up after your roomies, but at least you’ll know that the things touching your food are clean.

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Just don’t forget to get a lock for your cupboard or keep your stuff in your room, so it doesn’t become fodder for those who don’t have anything clean to use.

Cleanliness In The Bathroom

We’ve all jumped in the shower to find bottles scattered across the floor growing mould and all sorts of other unmentionables. To help avoid this, make a rule that every housemate has their shower caddy which only lives in the bathroom while they’re using it. Anything remaining after a reasonable amount of time finds itself in the bin. This keeps your shower floor clear and makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

Cleanliness In The Laundry

Sharing a washing machine and dryer may not seem like that big of an issue at first, but if you’ve ever discovered four-day-old “clean” clothes that have gone gross in the washing machine, you’re well aware of why it can be a problem. Prevent this type of issue by implementing a 12-hour rule – any washing that hasn’t been removed from the machine within twelve hours of its cycle becomes fair game for being dumped into a basket and left off to the side.

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Washing machine cleaner will also become your best friend. The frequency at which it needs to be used will depend on how much punishment your machine endures.

General Tidiness

Setting up a chore chart may seem juvenile, but if everyone doesn’t know what they’re meant to do (and when they’re meant to do it), it probably won’t get done. If you’re not keen on having a whiteboard or similar on the wall, consider setting up a joint calendar or even using free project management software to keep track of regular chores.

Hygiene has always been important, but with everything going on at the moment, it’s normal to feel a heightened sense of anxiety regarding the cleanliness of your home – especially when it’s shared.

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These tips are designed to be simple to implement (which hopefully means less friction with your housemates over the new rules) and can make maintain good hygiene in a sharehouse far easier. Drop any other tips you have in the comments, and stay strong – it won’t be like this forever. One day, you’ll walk into your bathroom, and it’ll be just as clean as you left it.

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