Tips to Select Best Cricket Kit for Kids

Tips to Select Best Cricket Kit for Kids

If your kid is interested in playing cricket, you will probably need to get the best cricket kit. It is better to get a good one so that they can enjoy playing the game. You should know how to figure out which one is of good quality. Choose sturdy equipment so that your child can adapt to the newer styles along with the intensity of this game. The following are some suggestions that you keep in mind when wanting to find a kid’s cricket set in Australia or wherever you stay. 

How to Select Best Cricket Kit for Kids

The kit is required

When training is occurring, a junior cricketer has to wear the full kit. They may not be used to it in the beginning. They have to wear full gear. Therefore, knowledge of the different parts presents in this. 


You can begin by looking at the helmet. This must be the correct size. To choose a good one, see if it properly fits just above their eyebrows along with the ears. 

Look at the cushioning within the helmet. It must be of high quality. It is the internal padding that handles the impact when an injury occurs. 

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These are needed to keep the wrists along with hands safe when batting. Gloves can stop blisters from occurring. They behave like a shield and also absorb vibration that comes from their bat upon impact. 

Look for ones that are thickly padded above fingers plus the thumb. These can give full protection. They should be the correct size allowing them to be comfortable to wear. 


This is employed to keep the chest safe when batting. It is suggested that your kid wears this as it keeps them safe from injury when experiencing a bouncer and outswinger. 

Confidence can be increased with this guard, especially in kids who may first be scared of the leather ball. 

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Leg pads

These get employed to keep the knees and calves safe from getting harmed when fast delivery occurs. Consider the level of cushioning it gives to the specified place. Also, see the level of sweat absorption it has. 

The leg pad should be flexible. It must not stop moving so that the child can run freely. 

Armed Guards

This equipment is utilized to keep the arms safe from a delivery. They get worn externally and are rather visible. It must be lightweight, or it can be tough to play strokes freely. 

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Cricket bat

It is a crucial part of the kit. The correct bat must align with the kid’s height. It should be lightweight as juniors are developing new skills. They should be able to move the bat freely. 

Look at the kind of wood used as well as the thickness of the bat. Choose a bat that has a higher sweet spot. These aid in hitting higher and also hitting long shots.  

The cricketer should employ the kit according to their height, weight, as well as preference. 


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