Try Vaping to quit Smoking

Try Vaping to quit Smoking

Most of us have heard about vaping and how it can be a method to call quits on smoking. Many people have used a vape, or an e-cigarette, to quit cigarettes and some of them have succeeded too. Is it helpful? Yes, it is. But your mindset plays an important role in this. Vapes can be addictive too. Thus, you need to be determined that you are utilizing a vape for the sake of quitting conventional cigarettes and get rid of the habit.

Vapes don’t have tobacco in them but they don’t contain nicotine. However, the nicotine present in vapes or electronic cigarettes has less toxins than the ones that are burnt through tobacco. Thus, it is assumed to be helpful in the process to quit smoking. If you are looking for high quality vapes, then you can purchase those here. Make sure that you don’t opt for cheaper vapes or get one from your friend. Buy your own e-cigarette/vape and always pick the best quality.

There are several other ways people can opt, to quit smoking but the majority smokers have stated that switching to vaping and then gradually quitting has helped them a lot.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey doesn’t work for 98% of the smokers. Why? Because you have to quit smoking, blue out of the bolt. You don’t look for any alternative or support. This comes with a variety of symptoms and not everyone is able to fight those off. Physical symptoms can be extremely hard to deal with. Thus, only 2-5% people opt for this method.

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There are several medicines that can help people to stop smoke. Gums, nicotine patches and mouth sprays etc. are nicotine replacement therapy that help people quit smoking. However, these products require a prescription from the doctor and you won’t get access to them easily. Always consult a professional doctor (in-person)  before choosing nicotine replacement therapy medicines.


Majority of the people choose vaping to quit smoking because this habit is not easy to get rid of. The routine is not disturbed but the amount of toxins that a traditional cigarette releases in your body is controlled. Smoking becomes a part of one’s life and quitting it suddenly is very tough. However, if you don’t gradually start to quit vaping too, you might get another new addiction. Thus, you must start calling quits on vaping too after a while.

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Vaping is extremely less harmful than smoking but it doesn’t make it free of all risks and illnesses. Thus, you need to opt for this method, only with the aim to quit smoking entirely. It is recommended that you purchase a high-quality vape or e-cigarette and never share one with your friends or family. It can exchange germs and bacteria and cause further harmful problems.

At the end, vaping does help you quit smoking; you just need to be wise enough to make a smart decision.

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