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5 Top Online Entertainment Choices in 2023

5 Top Online Entertainment Choices in 2023

Aside from hosting a wealth of information, the World Wide Web is fast becoming the number one place to find entertainment, with Broadband speeds to enable real-time interaction. The Internet 2.0 will give way to the Metaverse and before long, we will all be able to upload our conscious minds to the cloud.

Here are our top 5 for online entertainment in 2023.

  1. Online multi-player games – Top shooter games like Call of Duty attract many thousands of gamers from all parts of the world; register, create an avatar and profile, then you can chat with other players and join any of the games. There are adventure games where you exist in another universe and with a good gaming PC and a hi-speed web connection, you can enjoy rich graphics with no time lag!
  2. Online casinos – What’s not to like about plating online slot machines that have huge jackpot payouts? When you register as a player, you receive a welcome package that usually contains free spins and free bets. Some prefer the tension and excitement of real-time blackjack with a sexy dealer, while others prefer to work red and black on the roulette wheel. One thing is for sure, the online casino sector is growing exponentially, largely due to the pandemic restrictions that closed casinos, forcing players to move online.
  3. YouTube – You’re probably not surprised to see YouTube in our list; they have a mega-huge library of content on just about everything and some! Millions chill out listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast and there are literally thousands of podcasters, not to mention the many YouTubers who have channels on this platform. Every type of music can be found on the ‘tube’, while there are unlimited documentaries covering every topic, of course, you have to endure the ads, as this is how YouTube makes their money.
  4. Netflix – Netflix was number one for quite a few years and is only recently losing viewers to other platforms; some suggest lack of new content, while others think there are more alternatives now. Trends tend to come in cycles and perhaps binge-watching TV series is no longer hip. If you’re into great documentaries, look no further than Netflix; it would take a few years to watch every doc they have in their library.
  5. Live sporting events – A huge pay-per-view market has emerged for both boxing and MMA, which is represented by the UFC, with Bellator being another major player. Motor racing in the form of F1 and MotoGP is followed by millions thanks to the Internet, while all the major tennis & golf tournaments are covered live by organisations like ESPN, Sky and Fox.

The web is in a constant state of change and one thing is for sure, the Internet is becoming a major part of our lives. Whether you prefer online gaming or cheering on your football team, there are many ways that you can have fun online.

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