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What’s Inside the Bollywood Theme Park Dubai?

Inside the Bollywood Theme Park Dubai


Bollywood theme park Dubai is a theme park that was created with a Bollywood-inspired ambiance in mind. On Sheikh Zayed Road, in Bollywood Dubai parks and resorts, is where the Bollywood park Dubai is situated. The park honored the famed Mumbai film industry, which was influenced by blockbusters, by including 5 mind-blowing zones.

Bollywood Dubai parks and resorts have the “B-Town” vibe which is created by the streets, complex building constructions, signboards, street lights, and trees. In addition to enjoying live entertainment, theatrical plays, and incredible cinematic rides and attractions, there are many more things one may do in these Bollywood Dubai parks and resorts. The desi food, which features dishes from all around India, is another major draw at the Bollywood park Dubai.

Places to Visit in Bollywood Theme Park Dubai

1. Rajmahal Theatre

Rajmahal Theatre, the lavish theatre located in the center of Bollywood ParksTM Dubai, can accommodate 856 people. This iconic building combines modern technology with all the majesty and grace of classical Indian cinema.

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The architecture, which takes its cues from Indian royal palaces, offers an opulent setting for live performances. Private weddings, business parties, and other gatherings can be held at the Rajmahal Theatre.

2. Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory

One of Bollywood Park’s best rides, Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory, offers visitors a view of the famous cricket movie scene. On this 4D roller coaster ride, you will have an exciting journey as Bhuvan steals the victory away from the British Raj.

Enjoy this motion-simulated ride while rotating in the 40-seater-themed ride, which provides an excellent perspective of the moving cricket ball. All Bollywood fans are cheering on Bhuvan and his coworkers as they make their winning shot.

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3. Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh

Based on the well-known Indian movie Sholay, Bollywood Park Rides’ ominous 3D rollercoaster is coming to give you an exciting experience. As Gabbar Singh’s sly gang approaches the limit of your protection zone, come and protect your family. Call your Jay, and the two of you may use sound-infused infrared weaponry to combat evil, giving you the impression that you’re in the movie.

One must compete with a pal to get the higher score by humiliating the universe of persistently wicked Gabbar Singh. While having fun on an adrenaline-filled family trip, test your ability to preserve your life.

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4. Hawa Hawai

Hawa Hawai, one of Bollywood Park’s major attractions, offers thrill-seeking fun for the whole family. Prepare to feel the incredible exhilaration of the trip as you go in themed 12-seater hand gliders through Sridevi’s colorful universe.

While you are lying on your stomach, the ride will elevate, descend, and rotate you in a clockwise direction, ensuring that you overcome any wind-related issues. With a rainbow of colors reflected from the kites hanging above the ride and a dynamic sky structure that tempts visitors to try flying, and explore the furious wind.

5. Bollywood Skyflyer

Hold on because the rides at Bollywood Park will soon transport you to the 460-foot-tall world’s tallest swing. Watch as the spooky lifts, dips, and spins of this rollercoaster carry you away. It is stated that the ride will make your stomach flutter as you experience both hands gliding and swinging sensations.

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As one ascends and descends the massive attraction, one should be able to receive a panoramic view of the park while swinging in the air and exclaiming with joy. With your loved ones, experience every thrill on a double-seated, completely safe ride.

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How to Reach Bollywood theme park Dubai

By Car:

Even if this is your first time driving in Dubai, it’s not difficult to reach Dubai Parks and Resorts. If you’re coming from Downtown Dubai and traveling south on Sheikh Zayed Road past Jebel Ali and Dubai Marina, you could find us on the left side of the road. The journey shouldn’t be more than 40 minutes.

By Metro:

Take the red metro line to the Ibn Battuta Metro station in the south. After that, continue your brief journey to Dubai Parks and Resorts by boarding the DPR1 bus.

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Take the red metro line all the way to Jebel Ali, the terminus stops. Take a cab for the remaining, brief journey to Dubai Parks and Resorts after that.

By Air:

Sheikh Zayed Road, also known as E11, should be driven or taken by cab towards the direction of Abu Dhabi. The journey to Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is beyond Jebel Ali on the left side, should take about 45 minutes if there isn’t a lot of traffic.


Bollywood theme park Dubai offers a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant world of Bollywood in an unprecedented way! Whether it is by immersing yourself in attractions, playing interactive games, or simply enjoying some of your favorite Bollywood songs and dances, this park has something for everyone.

With its variety of entertainment options available at different price points, Bollywood theme park Dubai serves as an enjoyable place for people from all walks of life to come together & celebrate their shared love for Indian culture. So, grab your singing voice and dancing shoes – there’s no better place than Bollywood theme park Dubai to truly capture the magic of India!

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