7 Agile Certifications That Help Take a Career Several Steps

7 Agile Certifications That Help Take a Career Several Steps

Agile Certifications give you a deep insight into the Agile Scrum project methodology. It is one of the best project management certification.

7 Agile Certifications 2020

1. APMG International 

APMG International is a global company that offers several agile project management certifications. The offering certifications are in Agile Program Management as well as a certification for practitioners. APMG International has a goal to benchmark the abilities of the project managers to deliver the agile projects in organizations, which requires a standard, rigour, and visibility around the framework. The cost depends on the exam, like for the Agile Project Management Practitioner exam, it £330, and for the Agile Project Management Foundation exam, it is £218.

2. Agile Certification Institute 

Agile Certification Institute is an agile standards body not just with software development but also on all aspects of agile enterprise adoption. The cost of this Certification is $99 per course. The Agile certification institute offers the Certification for agile flavours lean, practitioners, Master, Owner levels, and Kanban and Scrum at the associate too. It also offers a wide variety of agile certifications and credentials. Covering enterprise agile product and project management is another important feature.

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3. Scrum Alliance

When it comes to software development, Scrum is the leading framework of the agile methodology. The scrum Alliance offers six Scrum certifications for software development and IT professionals. Those six scrum certifications are as follows:

  • Certified Scrum Product owner
  • Certified Scrum master
  • Certified Scrum Developer
  • Certified Scrum Coach
  • Certified Scrum Professional
  • Certified Scrum Trainer

This alliance is the leading membership for the scrum professionals. It has a mission of supporting the widespread adoption and effective practice of Scrum. The cost per course is $1, 547

4. Scaled Agile Academy

The Scaled Agile Academy is the body of knowledge for delivering agile development successfully in the large software enterprise. The academy offers five certifications to have an understanding as well as experience with Scaled Agile Framework (Safe).

The five certifications are as follows:

  • The SAFe program consultant
  • The SAFe program consultant trainer
  • The SAFe Agilist
  • The SAFe product manage
  • The SAFe practitioner

It costs $995 per course, and the first exam attempt is free. You have to go for the membership fee that is $100, after receiving your certificate.

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5. Certified Agile Project Manager

The major purpose of the certified agile project management (IAPM) is to promote research, development, and practical applications of project management. It helps in developing the standards and guidelines for beginners and advance project management training. The IAMP has four levels of Certification with discipline-specific to agile project management. The four levels of certifications are:

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  • Certified Junior Agile Project Manager
  • Certified Senior Agile project manager
  • Certified International project manager
  • Certified agile project manager

This exam covers both hard and soft aspects of project management and the foundation of agile. The IAMP certification provides the candidates with a foundational knowledge of agile and agile project management. It includes the planning, organization, and implementation of various projects.

The cost of this certification and examination fees depend on the candidate’s nationality. The pricing is based on the GDP of the county so that the individual can afford the training and testing for the Certification. In the US, the certified agile project manager costs $122, and the Certification and the cost of the exam are $650.

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6. Strategyex certificate Associate or Master’s in Agile

The associate Certification requires three courses over two years, and it will help to improve and highlight your agile skill and knowledge. And the master’s level certificate requires seven courses over a four-year period. It will demonstrate your expertise in the methodology and subject.

Only the master’s level certificate will allow the certificate holders to add credentials after their respective names. The cost is $1, 654 of the individual course, such as agile practices for the product owner and delivering agile projects with Scrum.

7. International Consortium for Agile

The International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is an agency that offers comprehensive Agile Certification that provides role expertise across all agile flavours, which includes Scrum, extreme programming, Kanban, and many more.

It has three certification levels, and those are:

  • Professional
  • Expert
  • Master

It tests the individuals’ knowledge acquisition and competency regarding agile. The cost is $60 as a certificate fee.

These were the 7 Agile Certifications that will take your career several steps ahead.

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