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A creative way to increase your site traffic

Writing short stories to increase your site traffic

Attention Bloggers! Here we are introducing a creative way to increase your site traffic, but first, you need to ask some questions to yourself.

  • Struggling with less site traffic?
  • Seems like your sales have lost somewhere?
  • Want to know a unique and creative way to market your blog site?

If your answer is YES then Writing short stories can help you overcome all these hitches. Here we have penned down all the benefits and important points you need to know about writing short stories and inspirational stories. Read that

How short stories can help market your blog site by increasing your site traffic.

Less site traffic – an unnerving experience

Many bloggers and content writers deal with the daunting experience of less site traffic at some point. It seems like your blog posts are not getting as much reach as they used to do in the past. It can have many reasons such as your infrequent posts or not uploading as much content as you should or your readers don’t think that your blogs are interesting anymore. This is the moment of realization for bloggers that they need to spice things up and come up with more creative ideas for their blog site.

Why writing short stories can be beneficial for your blog site

One of the most innovative (some may say silly!) ways to increase your site traffic is by posting short stories. Trust me when I say this that people love to read original content and if you have a knack for good writing then your enthralling ideas and inventive characters will definitely be a great source to boost up your site reach. With the easy internet access these days, there are really very less subjects left online that someone hasn’t already blogged about. It is really hard to think about a topic that someone is blogging about today that is not copied or inspired by someone else. So, you get full marks for originality and creativity right there!

Writing short stories on your blog will not only give you an opportunity to gain priceless feedback that will help in improving your every future story idea, but it also expands your horizon. You get a wider audience and positive feedback encourages you to improve the quality of your writing. You develop your own community of an audience that comes to your blog site truly for your original content. Only those people follow you that enjoy your stories and trust what you blog about. Once your site has generated enough traffic through your short story ideas, you can diversify your blog site in any way. Promote and sell your own products, sell other brands at a discounted price or anything that you want.

Inspire people with real life experiences

Besides posting short stories you can also post inspirational stories. It does not have to be famous people and fancy stuff, you can post about people you know, people around you, people in your own life. This can have two benefits for your blog:

  1. It is going to be someone’s inspirational story but again, in your own original writing.
  2. You never know what you post might inspire someone and they start loving your blogs! Someone who might just need a little push in life and your inspirational stories can become his savior.

Posting your own short stories make you the boss of your blog as it is your own voice that can certify you as an expert on what topic/story you choose to write about. No one can claim that you stole his idea or copied your blog post from somewhere else. Writing your personal short story ideas can really make your blogs an asset for a lifetime.

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