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Healing Meditation – The Short Guide And Step To Step Instructions About Mental Health

Healing Meditation

Discover the real power of healing meditation to heal your body and mind. Healing meditation has been used for centuries to recover from old injuries.

Current research has shown that healing meditation has a high impact on the mind and emotions as well.

Today, we have pinned down all the necessary information you need to get about what is healing meditation and how it works on your mind.

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Healing Meditation

While talking about mediation, many of us start thinking about monks, orange robes and religious activists. But healing meditation is now being used for far greater purposes. Its reach is far beyond the divine world and spirituality of life.

It holds unlimited healing powers, both for physical and mental ailments. It is not just a way to relax your mind, but also an exact strategy for maintaining your health and leading a happy, peaceful life.

Research shows healing meditation can improve mental health and help with certain conditions including depression and different forms of anxiety.

It is also becoming the choice of treatment among doctors in some countries, such as one in six Australian doctors are now teaching different types of meditation to their patients, and more than 80% is recommending them to others to learn it, says GP and Monash University lecturer, Dr Craig Hassed.

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Now the question is how healing meditation works and how can people get better for mental illnesses without loading themselves with anti-depressants?

First, we have to understand how healing meditation works.

The process of healing meditation can help people by increasing their tolerance level of negative emotions from disturbing physical pain.

When you reached the body part where you can endure pain, the rest is just the work of the mind. This is where your brain starts controlling your body and emotions.

Further evidence proves that the research of Edenfield and Saeed (2012) concluded that healing mediation relaxed the mind and body which helped lessen the signs of illness including pain, anxiety, depression, stress and even eating disorders.

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Dr Richard Davidson, director of the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience (University of Wisconsin), while reviewing the brains and their functionality of meditating monks, found that brain function is different in long-time meditators than it is in people who rarely meditate or don’t meditate at all.

This is how mediation works on your brain: when you are distressed worried, or unhappy, specific areas of the brain (the amygdala and the right prefrontal cortex) become activated. When you are happy, these areas become calm and the left prefrontal cortex – a region responsible for positive moods – becomes more active.

Analyzing these meditating monks, Davidson found they had high activity in this area of the brain. Something that is so remarkable about this finding is that for a long time, scientists thought that every person was wired with specific “set-points” for happiness, despair, anger, and so on.

This type of study shows that the brain can rewire itself and modify its setpoints, merely by the self-healing power of thought, which can achieve through meditation.

However, this does not mean that medical doctors and advancement in medicine are not essential to heal humans anymore.

It’s just the idea that your health, whether physical or mental can be improved from spiritual medication, increased power of concentration, and emotional stability.

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